Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Kimchee Hongdae Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

My first time in Seoul and I wasn't really sure about this hostel but it was cheap and near a train stop so I gambled. Good gamble because I really enjoyed my stay in this hostel. This is one of the cheapest hostels I saw during my research and I really just needed a place where I can store my bag and sleep at night (although I ended up not sleeping at all because Hongdae area is a nightlife heaven). The building is kind of hidden and I had to ask for directions a couple of times. This hidden

USA Hostels Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

This was a nice, clean, hostel. Great location-- couple blocks away from the train. There was a bar/club crawl on the night I arrive which I enjoyed, even though I'm not a club-loving person. It felt like I was the only American there but it was fun. The dining area was really small and so I ate at the bar/lounge/gaming area upstairs (I got angry looks from the staff who were cleaning the area at 8am). No matter, I just basically needed a place to store my bag and sleep during the night.

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

If you are travelling alone and it's your first time in Istanbul, I don't think you will find another hostel as great as Cheers. I will enumerate the reasons to make it easier: 1.) Value for money 2.) Location 3.) ROOFTOP BAR! 4.) THE AMAZING STAFF!


Great job! You guys are great and hospitable!