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High Street Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Character - The entire building pulls together for a cohesive feel, embracing the location Security - The desk is operated 24/7, checking passes for entry and lockers are available in all rooms. Location - Right off of High Street, the local drag, and just a few minutes' walk from the base of King Arthur's Seat (my preference). Staff - Friendly and full of character. Atmosphere - Student lounge area where you can meet'n'greet. Cleanliness - Hostel-quality-- nothing great, nothing bad


Being above a bar, the place does not have much character- it is essentially a couple rooms with steel-frame beds shoved in them. However, this place is great where it counts: security is top-notch (key-card system with lockers in the rooms), and the value beats out any other hostel in London (one night's stay earns a bed, a locker, breakfast, and half-off a drink at the bar). I had no qualms with this hostel.


This hostel is in primo location (near to Hyde Park and an Underground station). Security is top-notch with a key-card system and lockers in all the rooms. This may be the most plugs I've seen in a hostel ever. The WiFi is surprisingly reliable and breakfast is included in the price. I frankly cannot figure out why anyone would stay in a more expensive hostel.

Students & Travellers Inn

Athens, Greece

This is a truly unique hostel. When I first arrived in the area, I passed by it several times, mistaking it for a high-end hotel. The Students & Travellers Inn defines what it is to be a great hostel by doing nearly everything perfectly (aside from the two orthographic errors in their name). The staff working the desk are friendly, helpful, and constantly curious about how they can improve their business. The Acropolis is literally on the horizon of this inn.

Camping Serenissima

Venice, Italy

Located about a 30 minute bus ride from Venice proper, this is about the only way you're going to stay near the city without paying over 25 euros. Acceptable for what it is, a cheap place to stay, they have several campers set up into two double rooms, a space heater in each. The bathrooms are a short stroll away. This is located in the suburbs, so there are no businesses around to shop/eat at.

Hostel Santa Monaca

Florence, Italy

A wonderfully located hostel, which is a mere five minutes from the bustling center of Florence, this place is ideal for its price and quality. The kitchen/dining area is enormous (as are the rooms) and house multiple outlets (basically gold to the modern traveler).