Reviews: katschmelzer8522

Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 26

Far Out Beach Club

Ios, Greece
94%!!! Yes it was early season, but by no means did that mean it was lacking! The Beach Club was not open yet, but that only meant I had a whole bungalow to myself and you could actually get some sleep :P You got to use the pool for the hotel which is just beautiful, and the atmosphere was great all day long. The locations is gorgeous, right by the beach. Make sure you try one of the fabulous salads in the restaurant. It was so hard to leave this place, I just kept extending!!

Youth Hostel Anna

Santorini, Greece

You pay for what you get. It is very cheap, but it is far away from all the *main* sites on Santorini. There are frequent buses though so you can work around that. It is very close to the black beach, which was great for lying in the sun and enjoying the cafes and restaurants along it. The room was clean but the bathroom shower was way too small and it just flooded the bathroom! After one night I switched to the private rooms which are in another building and that was GREAT. Quiet + a pool!

Youth Hostel Plakias

Crete, Greece

A nice chill hostel in a cool location in Plakias. The manager of this hostel is the best, be it giving advice for what to do (or what not to do), showing you his Crete-shaped veggie patch, taking you along to dinner, or taking you on an adventurous river walk! The beds are comfy, the rooms nice and big, and all very clean. Make sure to bring bug spray though! Plakias itself is a very nice and chilled town. Great area to stay for a few days :)

Rethymno Youth Hostel

Crete, Greece

Good location in the old town with everything very walkable. The staff at the hostel are nice and happy to help you figure out where else to go on Crete and how to get there. The beds are comfy, if not 100% clean (I used my own bed sheet) and the shower block is good too. However, the walls are SO paper thin that you could hear someone opening a can of coke from two rooms away, so if people are drinking or even talking you will get no sleep!

Artemis Yoruk Hotel

Pamukkale, Turkey

Nice breakky and a great location near the bus stop. The beds are comfy and the rooms clean, and they also have dinner. I stayed in the dorm, and for some unknown reason they have only ONE key for the room...sharing with 5 people!! I came back, in wet togs, after exploring Pamukkale and my room mate had left with the key, not knowing she had to leave it at reception. So I had to wait an hour outside, while it was getting dark and cold, because they had no key!! Who doesn't have a master key!?!?!

Bayrams Treehouse

Olympos, Turkey

What a place! Take me back! Bayram's is a gem. Olympos is spectacular, you can't go wrong. The breakfast and dinners are AMAZING. The bonfire every night was great to meet new people, and the staff are always happy to help out and organise activities. Staying in a Treehouse was great, minus that it was SO cold at night even with the heater on. The facilities are good, the "common area" a great place to chill under the orange trees with a drink! I highly recommend this place! I will come again!


Nice hostel close to everything in Goreme. The breakfast was very good and the staff very helpful in organising activities such as day trips or ballooning. Rooms are all with single (not bunk) beds and clean. There was only one shower for the whole floor though, so you sometimes had to wait to be able to shower. The bar/cafe area was a great place for meeting new people, definitely quite social.

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great hostel, great location. The staff totally made this place. From the moment I got there I was made to feel right at home, right up until the moment that I left. I made friends there who continued to travel through Turkey with me, all the way to Greece. Tony's walking tours are the best, plus the rooftop is great for meeting people in the evenings! If you see a picture of people dressed as Sultans...yep that's us ;) Highly recommend this hostel. Comfy beds, clean bathrooms, good breakky!

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Close enough to the train station, about half an hour walk to Brandeburger Gate. The bar downstairs is very cool but you tend to find a lot of locals in there too so it wasn't so easy to meet people. It would have been nice if the hostel had organised some activities, ie walking tour or even a pub crawl on the weekend to make it a bit easier for people traveling alone.

Hotel Stars Bordeaux Gare

Bordeaux, France

Location was good, really close to the train station and a tram stop right outside the hostel. Room was neat, if small. Bathroom tiny but again, very clean.

Rivoli Cinema Hostel

Porto, Portugal

Loved this place!! You are made to feel very welcome from the moment you arrive. Common area is very large, inside you can watch movies, play games, and the rooftop is amazing! Enjoyed the dinners they put on. Feels like a family dinner which was great :) Definitely recommend this place, particularly if you're a movie buff!


This hostel is a lot of fun. 2 for 1 drinks when you arrive really help to get everyone to socialise and meet fellow travellers. From there I had the best time! Great location, right in the middle of town, close to shops, food and attractions. The staff were really helpful and the drinks are great and cheap! Try and go on the waterfall hike. It's great fun & a nice way to cool off. After hearing lots of recommendations, I booked Oasis Seville from there, which is even better as it has a pool!

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Fun hostel where you can always find something to do. Churros for breakfast (although not healthy) was a nice change to baguette all the time! The tapas experience definitely was that, an experience. Air-con in the rooms is glorious when it's so hot outside. Clean hostel with friendly staff who are more than happy to recommend things to do. Try and go on one of the day trips to e.g. Toledo. Totally worth the money for a private shuttle! The twins were awesome too ;) very funny girls!


I love the themed rooms! The free breakfast is good and nice that it runs so late! The club crawl is so cheap and so much fun, I highly recommend it!! The free walking tour was...interesting. The guy doing it is quite funny so you have more of a laugh than an educational lesson. Air-con wasn't working when I was there so it got VERY hot and stuffy in the rooms at night even with a fan. Staff are friendly but could have been more helpful when a girl got robbed and needed to make an int. call.

Sant Jordi Mambo Tango

Barcelona, Spain

Great hostel! Staff were super friendly, you're close to everything and you will NEVER be bored. There is always something to do, and if not, there's always the beach!

Sant Jordi Mambo Tango

Barcelona, Spain

Sant Jordi Hostels are awesome! From the moment I arrived there it felt like home. Mambo Tango is in a great location, close to the metro, and I love the air-con in the rooms! There's always something to do, huge pub crawls with the other Sant Jordi Hostels every night, but the hostel is small so you literally met everyone that was staying there who kind of become your family for your stay. Make sure you go to the Magic Fountain, it is amazing!!


London, England

Nice hostel, relatively close to the train station. The stairs are murder if you are travelling with a suitcase. Rooms are pretty crammed with beds but very clean. Breakfast was good and the staff were friendly. Internet doesn't work in the rooms which can be a bit of a pain but there's lots of room in the common areas to spread out.


Great location, right next to Times Square and the metro which means you can go literally everywhere. Hostel is clean and everything is provided with a good free breakfast. The only thing was that, as I am travelling alone, I rely a lot on activities to meet people, which sadly this hostel hardly provided. There was a club crawl one night which I couldn't attend, but no day activities, nothing else really and no one socialised, which put a bit of a downer on my stay as I met no one.