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Refugio Terra Esperanza

Ibarra, Ecuador

super nice and helpful, we felt like at home

America del Sur Hostel Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

I really enjoyed it here. Especially after staying in Hostel Milhouse it was great to be around normal people.. Not smelly party animals. And the girls at reception are pleasant. Kitchen is fully stocked.. Clea n and bright!

Milhouse Avenue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Great place to party. I like that they have party nights at the other location every other night to get a break. The tours weren't that great. The restaurants that the tours go on are AWFUL and kinda expensive. No one liked their food. Definitely go somewhere else when you have lunch and meet back up with them.

Carpe Noctem Vitae

Budapest, Hungary

The second I walked in I wanted to leave. Dirty, carpeted floors, muddy shoes in bins, sticky tables, beer bottles everywhere.. None of the bathrooms had toilet paper, people were half naked sleeping together on the couches.. The fridge REEKED of death. The staff is super nice and fun but this is a straight up frat house. Party hostels should still be clean, this was just gross. I felt so dirty.

Old Prague Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

I really enjoyed staying here, I felt like I had my own shared apartment in Prague.. The kitchen area is great to share with the other rooms on the floor, very clean.. Although its not fully equipped- no oven, don't make my mistake and buy a frozen pizza. Sandwich provided with free basic breakfast. My only complaint is the atmosphere. There's no activities or space to bring travellers together. Would love a pasta night or something to make it social!

Youth Hostel Anna

Santorini, Greece

The hostel was great for the money! i always wish places have kitchens but understand not all do. I had a relaxing stay here.. Right down the road from the beach which i love. was here during the blackout so maybe some things would have been different but the bathrooms were real dirty downstairs I barely wanted to shower. The blackout meant I had to shower with a bucket so I give them the benefit of the doubt they can't control that. Kind of a hassle to get to town cause of buses but had fun!

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Great location. So close to subway from arriving and deporting and near all the things you need to see in Athens. Boiled eggs in the morning were a nice surprise to the normal hostel breakfast. Aircon was great! Directions to hostel were perfect. I enjoyed my stay- great price


Rome, Italy

I really enjoyed my stay at Legends. Very easy to find by the train station. I went to the €5 unlimited spaghetti and pizza with free drink every night. Such an amazing deal. Also the free croissant and coffee in the morning is a nice treat. The room was good with AC. Just such a great deal for your money. It would be nice to have a microwave along with the fridge on each floor of rooms but otherwise I enjoyed myself!

Eurostudent home

Florence, Italy

The directions to the hostel are pretty complicated. I got SO lost and had to ask multiple people. Look at a map and find your way from the train station I suggest.i loved that they have a massive kitchen and hang out area. It's more like an apartment. One bathroom for several rooms wasn't enough and no aircon was kinda brutal. Mosquitos ate me alive. And I didn't want to cook it was so hot. Amazing location!

Ostello del Chianti

Florence, Italy

Make sure you ask the bus driver where to get off because its kinda confusing! I liked it here.. A lot of places to go outside and on the deck to hang out. I wish we could cook ourselves in the kitchen.. Would save some money. The breakfast is now to have optional for like €2. I wish there was aircon because I got eaten alive overnight, anywhere that my body was outside of the sheet was massacred by Mosquitos. And it's hot so you need the window open.

Ostello Tramonti

Cinque Terre, Italy

I really enjoyed staying here. It's not in the 5 towns if Cinque Terre but they have a shuttle every morning and every night to take/pick you up from there. You just choose a timeslot so it's real convenient. Big open common rooms and yard, no wifi in the rooms. Really grungy showers, no aircon. The church bells around the corner will def wake you up early in the morning.

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We are happy you enjoyed staying here but you have wi-fi in the room as well.

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

The girls at the front desk are so sweet. And the guy is very nice as well. I got upgraded to a private room which was really nice to have for no additional cost. Right by the train station, €3 spaghetti and wine dinner with popcorn and ice cream you seriously cannot beat. That was really really great! The patio is nice and kitchen is big. The only thing was the bathroom in the computer room was gross.. Just block that door.

Hostel Pastoral

Nice, France

Great hostel! I loved the kitchen and terrace, super clean and modern. The guy at reception was so nice and friendly. An older man helped me with my cooking as well. The only complaint was no AC in the room which got pretty warm and shared bathroom for 6 bed dorm got diffucult, espically because there isnt one in the lobby or common area. Otherwise very close to train station, clean and friendly!

Hotel Stars Bordeaux Gare

Bordeaux, France

It was a SAUNA! There is no AC in the whole place. I was miserable. I had a fan in my room which helps but otherwise when it's summer, it's brutal. Nice man at the front desk, you have to pay for breakfast. Right by the train station and tram. You only get wifi in the lobby area..


Galway, Ireland

I enjoyed my stay at Sleepzone very much! The kitchen/dining area is huge and I especially liked the mini rooms with outlets, couches, and books. My shower was cold and a "push" shower which I hate. Staff was super nice. They hold your bag for you which is great, but its just in this free-for-all room down the hall that some people hang out in. All in all, I'd stat here again!

Budget Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

This hostel is great. Lockers in your own room, plenty of bathrooms and showers. Hang out room and dining room with huge TVs always a plus. They have an activity every night such as Movie night, or bar crawl. No free breakfast, but cheap options to pay for. Very comfortable and inviting. It was nice to just chill out and watch a show on a big couch after a long day exploring. Only complaint: the Internet connection was awful. You were lucky if you got it cause there's many users.

The Fort Boutique Hostel

York, England

My favorite hostel still! It's more like a shared apartment. Beds were great. You and the room next to you share a great big bathroom with free shampoo, body wash and lotion. Each bedroom has a tv and decorative fireplace which is nice. The kitchen is fully equipped with free coffee/tea/hot chocolate and juice. Also, free washer/dryer in kitchen. Wifi is good throughout. Everything was great, even location. The only thing is I wish there was a place to lock up your luggage. Staying here again!

Bath Backpackers

Bath, England

Everyone was really nice, the kitchen with free coffee/tea was great. The showers were big although they were in a dungeon downstairs and the motion sensored lights turned off in the middle of my shower. I slept horribly the first night. My bed was right above the kitchen/lounge area and people were loud until 1am.. it was all staff that was making the noise. I also woke up with over 30 bug bites, most likely bed bugs. I told them and they just had me switch beds- no bug problem that night.


Staff was friendly at the bar/check in area. They allow you to keep your bag in their luggage storage downstairs that you need a code for. Kind of made me nervous because your bag just sits on a shelf with other bags. Showers were nice. I got wifi in my room which was great! It was on the first floor so that may be why! 10-15 minute walk from Victoria Coach and Victoria tube station, and Buckingham Palace but not near much on that street otherwise