Reviews: Anonymous


Everything GOOD at the Travelodge. The only comment I have is about the mattress. Too soft, which doesn't help the back after walking all day in the city!

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The only night I stayed there it sounded like cattle was being driven up and down the hallways. Doors banged all night long, especially the secured door from the stairs to the floor. The shared bathroom was a mess and the room itself made me feel I was in a county jail. I paid for two (granted, accepted policy) but the room had one chair (?), a rickety metal bunker for 1 and a half persons and a window impossible to climb up to. The only good thing there were the people behind the reception desk

Sli Na Mara

Galway, Ireland

I would recommend Sli Na Mara in a heartbeat to any of my friends visiting Galway!