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Lagoon Backpackers

Buzios, Brazil

Though I know my score is low, I really enjoyed this hostel. Great atmosphere. Social people. Loved the occasional group dinner. Could be more secure. Though the entrance door locks and requires a fingerprint for entry, I always found the door open and unlocked. Even at night. But a helpful staff, good location, and great people make it worth it.

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You are right we had a problem, by now control by password until the fingerprint get repair. We use such a high tech and have 2 guys looking after 24h, even though here is one of the most safe city of Brazil.

NgocThao GuestHouse

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Comfortable and clean with an eager to help staff. In fact, they were too eager to help me with my Visa and it cost me. I entered Vietnam without a Visa since I am Norwegian. I went to buy one and needed proof of residence from the staff. Instead, the staff convinced me to let them get my Visa themselves. Three days later, they told me they could not. They did what they could to aid me further and were extremely apologetic, but the delay was frustrating and costly.

Deejai Backpacker

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Stayed twice in three different rooms. The rooms on the first floor are damp, which sucks. But you can request a room on the other floors and they're all great. Great people, great common area. Met lots of cool people. Food was delicious if expensive. I recommend the pancakes. Ate them every day. Definitely would stay here again.

U-Baan Guesthouse

Bangkok, Thailand

Nice place. Definitely would stay here again. Joy, who runs the place, is absolutely delightful. Nice, friendly, funny, helpful, perfect english. Comfortable dorms, really spacious in fact. Good beds and AC. No complaints about this place at all.

de Talak Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Enjoyed my stay. Super clean, comfortable. Nice staff. Spoke excellent English. Quite helpful. Answered all questions easily. Common rooms are not ideal as they don't encourage socializing, which I look for as a solo backpacker. But that'd be my only complaint of this good and cheap hostel.


Really nice place. Great lounges, both indoor and outdoor. Internet worked well. Helpful staff. Definitely recommend. Food was terrible though. Just awful. Worst hostel food I had in China. That's the only real flaw with this place I had. I did hear from others about bad smells in their rooms, but I stayed in a dorm way up on the fifth floor and had no issues. I believe only the lower or bottoms floors had this problem.


Pretty good hostel. Quiet. Lots within walking distance. Staff wasn't friendly but this is usual for China, I've found. There was at least one woman on staff who seemed to work every day that spoke excellent English and was willing to answer any question at any time. The real problem is that they're understtaffed. This is a large hostel with many permanent residents. But the front desk never had more than two staff and they were constantly working with little time to help foreigners.

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Dear Johannes Mikkelsen , Thank you booked our hostel and give us review. Now we have 4 girls work in reception , really sorry ! We had some holiday for our staff after we worked 1year latter , we will be a traveler at that moment , then can working more better. Enjoy your trip! Welcome to come back! cloudland youth hostel jane

Trippers Carpe Diem

Yangshuo, China

Don't rent the bikes here. In our group of 6, three of our rentals broke during use. In my case, my rear tire guard snapped off and lodged under my rear tire while going down a smooth, paved hill. I'm lucky my injuries weren't serious. I discussed the accident with the owner you said, "You chose the bike. Once it's rented it's your responsibility." And, "Bikes are going to break, I can't help that." But he did agree to pay for my taxi ride back to hostel and refund part of the rental fee.

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This guy, supposedly an experienced mountain biker, rented a bike for 3 days going off road looking for some exciting rides. Bikes here are not made for such and on the 2nd day – using the same bike he locked after it had been fine the first day - he fell going downhill. While nobody wanted to confirm the cause we offered a refund for the bike and paid for repatriation. I said one needs to drive responsibly with such bikes and we can never guarantee they will not break. That is different.

Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

Enjoyed my stay. Good staff, especially Amelia who was probably the most helpful and communicative hostel staff member I've ever met. Could use some better lounging facilities. Didn't really foster socializing, which is what I prefer most at a hostel.