Reviews: Anonymous


Verona, Italy

This apartment is extremely hard to find, but once you found there, it will become your most lovable house in Verona. The owner is so friendly and prepared everything you need. Remember, you have to call the owner to come to open the door for you (and doing the check-in), because they don't live there. Although it is not very close to station or city center, but I will use here again if I come to Verona again in the future.

Hostel Zeus

Athens, Greece

For my personal opinion, the only good point of this hostel is location. Although the price is low, for me it's still overcharged. I don't know how to take a shower because you have to take off your clothes in an almost public space. Each room have only 1 key, over 80% chance you have to go up and down several times to take and give back the spare key. Unless you dying to control budget, I won't recommend here. BTW, remember to bring your mosquito repellent because there are lot of mosquito.

Thessaloniki Studios Arabas

Thessaloniki, Greece

Extremely friendly and helpful staffs, I had a wonderful time there. Location maybe a little bit far from the center, but Thessaloniki is big and spots are not concentrated in one area, so no matter where you stay, you are far from somewhere.

Don Apartment

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Very friendly owner, I didn't tell them what time and which transport I use, only let them know my check-in time when made the booking, but when I arrive the station, they are waiting there for me!! The owner can't speak English but try best to understand your need and to help you. So I like here very much, and highly recommend this place!

Hostel Mostel Veliko Tarnovo

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

This is such a wonderful hostel that clean, warm, and full of staffs that so friendly and willing to help. I won't consider other place if I come to Veliko Tarnovo aagain.

Ideal Hostel Pension

Fethiye, Turkey

Such a good place that I will come back again!