Reviews: Anonymous

MoonPad LA Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

I left another hostel in the los angeles area, the facility I stayed at was very dirty and they had bedbugs also. Moon Pad is 110% better. The young lady that checked me in was very pleasant and helpful showing me around the house. Everybody that was staying there was very friendly and the other staff members were very nice. My second week there, they were preparing for a big grand reopening party. I recommend Moon Pad to all travelers visiting Los Angeles. Dan

The Anderson Estates

Los Angeles, USA

I have been staying at two different locations, the Rochester house is under going some upgrades and I look forward to seeing the place when their finished. The second house is very nice and the other people staying here are friendly and considerate of the other guests. I am moving to another one of the many other properties that they own and if its as nice as the other two I've been in then I look forward to staying there. Its nice to know that they have so many different locations.