Reviews: Anonymous

Lagan Backpackers

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The rooms are too small for 6 persons. Small dining room. No electricity in bathrooms (for shaving) The relaxation room closes after midnight :( The whole building looks like it needs a total makeover, renovation. Only 1 pc, free wifi but with a bad connection, failed many times... Friendly staff, except the boss/manager, he's a bit crabby, curt.. But, very good breakfast service!

Global Village

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Nice Hostel, really. Friendly staff. Spacious rooms, very clean and spacious showers, toilets. Nice relaxation room: sofa, billiart, table football. Spacious kitchen. Terrace, to eat outside or have a smoke. Three pc's, free Wifi. Only my mattress (in room n°2) could be better. But my collegue's mattress (in room n°5) was a good one... And in the morning when everybody wakes up at the same time, it can be a little chaotic in the kitchen, but it is a hostel after all. Free bread, cereals