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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 30

Great location, great hostel.

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Dear Guest Thanks for your comment. We are really happy that you enjoy your stay with us. We are located in the best place at Miraflores, near to the beach and a couple blocks to the inca market. We hope that you can recommend us with your friend and family. Best regards Head of Reception and Reservation.

At Baan Khun Hostel

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This place is completely filthy. I've never came across bathrooms that are so appalling. The sinks even clog up within seconds after running them. The bathrooms constantly smell of urine. They require you to take off your shoes and you are then forced to use these facilities barefoot. I've seen the cleaning ladies not change the top blanket for a new tenant. The person before could have had body lice, a skin issue, something contagious. I will never ever stay here or promote anyone doing the sam

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We sorry that you feel uncomfortable about cleanness. We will expressly expressly resolve a problem. We require for take shoes off because if all of people in hostel step in is mean more dirty than you complain right? We thank you for complain about made, Normally we change every time that we make beds after we got you suggestion we are talk with made to do on the right way.

Siamaze Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

This place was amazing! Everyone is so helpful. The rooms and beds are so clean and fresh. There is privacy in each bed, with a curtent, reading lamp and plug. Big secure lockers with electric outlets in those as well. They provide breakfast and it's only an 8 minute walk from the station.

PLUS Camping Roma

Rome, Italy

The great is they are fairly pretty clean. With the beds they even change the main cover after you've checked out. So many don't. The showers can get a little gross with backup water (some draining problem) but I learned to shower in the first or second shower to avoid this problem. It is a little out of the way from the city but only a bus/metro ride that is easy and cheap to take. You can get to Ottoviano in 15 min or the Colosseum in 30. Good value for the money.

Rethymno Youth Hostel

Crete, Greece

The place would be awesome if they were cleaner. The bathrooms are fairly dirty and the showers are pretty awful as well. When I got to my room there was sand on my bed and the blanket smelled awful. There aren't any lockers but you can lock your room, providing everyone does this also. I was forced to lock up my laptop with the manager every day. It is a great location with a really friendly staff.


This particular hostel is very close to Paddington station, but sits in a very sketchy neighborhood. I didn't feel safe walking back to my hostel after night fall. Also, there were 5 showers for 2 floors, which in itself is a lower number but only 1 was working the 4 days I was here. The 1 shower that worked had a broken shower door, so there was a pool of dirty water accumulating on floor and it was very tricky to not get your stuff to fall in to the dirty cesspool of germs. I would not stay.

Granada Inn Backpackers

Granada, Spain

This was an incredible hostel. The cleanest rooms and facilities, the kindest and most helpful staff. Large rooms, lockers and comfortable clean beds. Great breakfast and a big kitchen. I loved it there and hope to return.


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Cordoba Bed and Be

Cordoba, Spain

Jose and his crew were amazing! Best hostel I've ever stayed at. It was so refreshing to stay here after the nightmare in Madrid. He makes you feel like you are coming home-in a sense. Met some wonderful friends and the bike your was great! Comfortable clean beds, your own outlet, clean bathrooms and great breakfast.

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

I didn't care for the neighborhood I realized this place was in. The beds were also so squeaky any slight movement made the bed move and was so loud. The comforters also looked like they hadn't been washed in sometime.

The Hipstel

Barcelona, Spain

Great location. Comfortable beds, no single outlet for each bed. Lockers and one private bathroom. Other community bathroom was fairly dirty.

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Dear Rayleen, we just saw your good review! Thank you so much for your kind words! Your enthusiasm encourages us to keep on the same track! We are honored of being part of your unforgettable experience in Barcelona. We hope you are considering coming back soon and therefore, we want to offer you a 10% discount on your next stay! We wish to see you soon! Barcelona will stay right Where you left it ;-) Sincerely, Luisa from The Hipstel Staff