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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 24


Athens, Greece

Great location near tourist district, felt fairly safe at night. The shared bathrooms we used, due to poor design of the shower section, would always flood the floor whenever someone takes a shower.

Natural Guest House

Rome, Italy

This appears to be a family-run business with a very enthusiatic old Italian lady and a more laid-back son. We arrived rather late at night (10:30pm) and was let in by another guest, because the lady had to go back home.

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actually who let you come inside was a man working with us and sleeping in the place. we are 4 people working in the place and we are so glad when the customers respect the arrival time.expecially in the night:)

Youth Hostel Villa Camerata

Florence, Italy

This hostel is located in an area cut out the side of a hill. As such, it is beautiful, has lots of bugs, and is a 10 minute uphill walk from the nearest bus station. The combination of open windows and lit rooms happened to be an open invitation to insects of all kinds, who are friendly enough to buzz around your ear as you're trying to sleep, if they're not too busy feasting on your blood.

PLUS Camping Jolly

Venice, Italy

Really good campground, has a restaurant, bar, pool, and party every night. One inconvenience is necessity of the shuttle going into venice. At the drop off, you can take the People Mover to Piazzale Roma or the water bus to locations along the Grand Canal.

Easy Rooms

Milan, Italy

The staff tries to answer questions and help with things, but unfortunately isn't very knowledgeable. She spoke no Italian, some English, and fluent Mandarin. The room was quite spacious, and even had a balcony.

Altea Hostel

Nice, France

Near the train station, but a little walk away from tourist areas. Had a really good kitchen for us to use, but our 9-bed dorm only had one washroom. Very cute dog on site, learned to beg for food from guests.

Hostel Sylvabelle

Marseille, France

Had a microwave, but no kitchen. Our room was a private three person with private shower, but shared bathroom. The bathroom had no sink, and so after using it, one had to go back to the room to wash their hands. The private shower was...interesting... It was a small standing shower just added to the corner of the bedroom.

Empire Hotel

Nimes, France

The AC was really appreciated when we happened to be there duing a hot spell

Hotel des Savoies

Lyon, France

This was a good hotel, within walking distance to many of the tourist areas.

Geneva Hostel

Geneva, Switzerland

This hostel was undergoing renovations when we were staying there (late June 2013), so one can expect it to be better in the future.

Lausanne Youth Hostel Jeunotel

Lausanne, Switzerland

This was a great hostel, very pretty courtyard surrounded by the rooms. The hostel has a cafeteria for those feeling too lazy to take the bus (and transfer to subway) to city centre.


Zurich, Switzerland

As with everything else in Switzerland, this hostel was fairly expensive. Though their free breakfast is one of the better ones I've had from hostels.

MEININGER Salzburg City Center

Salzburg, Austria

Pretty good hostel, a little far from city centre, but it is on a bus that goes directly to the train station.

Hostel Nanina

Munich, Germany

City of Munich was beautiful, but this hostel is located a little ways out of the way. Note that there are 5 or 6 different Breslauer Strauss in the different suburbs around Munich, be sure you go to the right place.

Check In Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Decent hostel, and has all the essential ammenities. The common area can get a little rowdy at night, but what do you expect? It's Berlin!


To be honest, this is a decent hotel in the suburb of Paris. I don't think the room would be still so cheap if it was located closer to Paris. There is a rail station nearby for easy access to city centre, but be careful for express trains that skip the smaller stops. They do have a microwave for you to use (and frozen dinner available in nearby mall), but no kitchen.

Smart Russell Square Hostel

London, England

Good location, near King's Cross station and British Museum. Mediocre (but free) breakfast, staff was pretty helpful

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Really great hostel, well organized (beds were assigned), good location, and the hostel has a deal going with a nearby bar to provide discounted food for guests. Only complaint is the slow wifi.

YHA Bristol

Bristol, England

Good hostel, though there's an additional charge for non-HostelingInternational members. They also (understandably) charge for using billards table, internet stations, etc.