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Step Inn Guest House and Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Best staff ever! The guys in the front desk know everything about the city, and are eager to help. Highlight to the 20min explanation from Dominic in the morning =) In the evening, the couches are the perfect place to interact with the other travelers, and feel at ease in a home atmosphere.

Adventurer Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

No customer comment

HI NYC Hostel

New York, USA

Actually my stay was the worse ever, because it never happened. After desperately looking for a place to stay in NYC during a busy season, I booked this hostel and got a message 20 minutes later stating that an overbooking happened, and they had no spots. I've never seen back my 7 dollars deposit, and almost went nuts looking for another place.


Don't expect to be going to Manhattan all the time with ease, and specially, don't expect the staff to help you out. I don't really know what is the problem with hostels in USA. Out of more than 100 on my trip, those ones were by far the worst.

Lodging House Ezama

Huaraz, Peru

The family there is the most valuable asset. They helped with everything related to information, and one main concern is to make sure that you decide for yourself the best options, giving a second opinion on everything the tour agencies will tell you. It was easy to decide doing things by myself, because Emilio knows everything about the region.