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Guilin Riverside Hostel

Guilin, China

Original room smelled moldy but I was moved to a dryer (and nicer) room quickly, but this might not be possible if the hotel were full. The hostel was okay (more like a hotel), but the manager was very pushy about selling trips. Overall, I think Guilin is a hard-sell city and this may just be par for the course, but it was not my experience in other cities in China and I did not like the overall feeling.

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Dear, During the months of March -June is the rainy season in Guilin.This year we have had more rain than usual.To deal with the problem,we have installed dehumidifiers for your comfort.However,as we have had a lot of rain this year it might not completly solve the problem. If you have any quetions,problems or suggestions,please feel free to contact us,we will do our best to deal with any problems you may have.


I had a great stay at Sim's. I thought my room was very comfortable and clean, though I did notice that one of the shelves was broken. The staff was great, and the other guests were interesting and I enjoyed chatting with them during the trip to the panda breeding ground. I only had breakfast at Sim's (and a dinner I cooked during a Sichuan cooking lesson), and it seemed basic but decent Western-style food. It's not in the center of the city, but I liked the more "ordinary" location.