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Budget Mapesbury Hostel

London, England

Everything was great when I got to the hostel, the only problem was getting there. This isn't made particularly clear on the page here, but you have to contact them for directions to wherever you're staying--this is a larger group that runs a number of properties. So when I headed to the address listed here, I found myself completely lost. Contact them, though, and you'll get picked up at the station and everything will be grand!


Everything was great, except wifi in the actual rooms would have been very helpful. Otherwise a helpful staff and a good stay!


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I was only here a night but it was an excellent experience. The woman who runs the hostel is just wonderful. The location is a little out of the way, but it is certainly worth it for everything else.

Killarney Sugan Hostel

Killarney, Ireland

Wonderful stay, kind staff, perfect location and a good atmosphere! Would definitely stay here again if I found myself in Killarney.

Residencial Flor Braganca

Porto, Portugal

Great stay! Everything was wonderful, except the shower, which could have used a mount.

O Fogar de Teodomiro

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Good stay, though we weren't there very long. Staff was very helpful and the location was excellent.