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Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 24

Hostel Gastama

Lille, France

Good solid hostel, nice bar downstairs (did not try the food but it looked like everyone else was enjoying it). The only let down about the room was the shower/sink. They are push button activated and only last 20 seconds or so at a time and my room had lukewarm water at best. Other than that, nice place to stay.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

What can you say about a well run and maintained modern hostel?! Staff were happy and helpful, everything was clean, lockers under the beds were enormous, out of room lockers cost 2 Euro for a day, the Belushi's bar is always a nice touch to St Christopher's, great food. Not much else to add, if you want to be central and happy, head here.


This hostel was great! Not the best located or the most secure with the old style school lockers. But the staff were welcoming and good people. (I found out they never turn someone away if they need to sleep somewhere and its late etc) Showers were nice and hot, everything was clean. I was sick when I stayed here so spent a lot of time inside the hostel, everyone seemed happy to be there.

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Great hostel! Short walk from Alexanderplatz with a pretty much straight shot down to the Brandenburg tor. The hostel is located about a Belushi's bar which serves great food. The place is clean and security seems to be key at all St Christopher's which I like. Key cards to get into the hostel area and again for the room. Nice big lockers and clean beds. Only down side was the lack of showers, but to be honest I never had much of a wait.

Prague Square Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Had absolutely no issues with this hostel it all went uphill from the moment I arrived. The rooms are nice with a big window with nice views of the winding streets below. The staff were happy to help with any issues. Nice clean shower rooms and toilettes. AND THE LOCATION. Right round the corner from Prague Square. Would most likely stay here again if I returned to Prague!

A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof

Vienna, Austria

Mixed feelings but mainly because of the obnoxious french students. So, purely on the staff and building: the room was great, huuuuge windows, the bathroom was clean and modern. The reception staff of a day were great but the night time reception and bar staff were very poor at their jobs. I waited about 10 minutes to be served at the bar, only two small orders were placed before me and I eventually gave up and went to a store. Location is great for the station.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

What a hostel!! Staff are lively and happy. The rooms are huge even if you chose the 8 bed option. The whole place is clean, rooms are cleaned daily. Huge lockers, safety to the max with the key card to get in downstairs and in the rooms. I did not partake in breakfast but it smelt great of a morning. The common area is pretty awesome (indoor garden area with hammocks and loungers.) Would happily stay here again!

City Backpacker - Hostel Biber

Zurich, Switzerland

This hostel was good, not great but it worked. Nothing was dirty or anything like that. Clean sheets, lockers were a bit small but sturdy. Staff were great!

M&J Hostel

Rome, Italy

This wasone of only 3 private rooms I have enjoyed during my trip. Other than the bed being extremely wobbly the room was great, air conditioning was a great thing during the hot night. Staff were extremely helpful and happy. Would stay here again, and the location to the station is just great, wake up 10 minutes before your train you will still be there on time!

Arco Youth Hostel A&A

Barcelona, Spain

This is your basic stay and sleep hostel. There are no activities based within the hostel. That being said it is a very happy place thanks to the morning/midday receptionist! None of the receptionists were unhappy but that guy just wanted you to be there. Would recommend elsewhere if you want to meet people, but to have a nice place to sleep? sure!

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Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

This was a very nice youth style hostel, lots of activities, walking tours, bike tours, cooking classes and happy hours. Everything about the place is nice, clean showers, clean rooms and beds. The staff are happy, the place is lively! The only downside was having an arrogant university "Director" telling you to "SILENCIO" every 5 minutes in the common area. Which kind of disrupted hostel life..

Sunset Destination Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

This hostel!! Never before have I stayed in a place quite like it.. The moment I arrived I knew it was a mistake to only be staying one day. The staff are happy and alive! They clearly love their jobs. This was my cheapest hostel to date and the best. I am an introvert at heart and by the end of the night I was salsa dancing on the roof. A must stay hostel if you are visiting Lisbon!


Paris, France

This hostel was just great. The receptionist was lovely, happy and helpful. The only bad point I have about this hostel is the storage room, which is just a walk in closet. Where anyone can enter unobserved. However, EVERYTHING else was great. Clean, Safe, Huge storage lockers. Will happily stay here again if I even come back to Paris.


I was a little disappointed this time around.The change of address did not suit me. The first place I stayed felt like a home, this one was very hostel like, lights did not work, felt a little less safe. Not a BAD experience but could have been better.

Perfect Hostel

Paris, France

This hostel is just lovely. Aptly named. The receptionist/host was happy, friendly and helpful. The beds were clean and comfortable, showers always hot! The lockers in the rooms were huge and the doors lock with a hotel card key. Breakfast was consistent (choice of croissants, baguette. With tea/coffee, orange juice, jam and butter) will happily return if I am ever back in paris!


I can not tell you how much I enjoyed my stay here. I was welcomed at the station by a very happy and professional Australian woman. After staying in an inner city hostel this place is like a palace. Multiple bathrooms on every floor, multiple kitchens, the common room is big with plenty of dining tables and plugs. The lockers are huge, there is a fridge per 2 people in the room. Mine also had a huge wardrobe and table/chairs. I will hopefully be back in the next few days.

Notting Hill Hostel

London, England

My main issue with this hostel was the smoking. Guests were routinely smoking right outside the common room window (It is in a basement, and the window opened to a tiny area) Meaning they may as well have been smoking in the room. Wifi only covered the common room and one floor up (I was on the 4th and 5th floor for my stay) Some staff were nice, others not so much. Builders were present fixing things. But the location is excellent.