Reviews: Anonymous

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Yellow hostel is definitely the place you want to stay if you are looking for a good bar and place to drink before you go out. While its a good location there is not much else to it. Dorms are very simple, no AC just a fan which can definitely work or not work depending on how smelly your roommates are. Bathrooms are fine but showers aren't the cleanest so I would definitely recommend shower shoes. It's a fine option for the money but nothing to write home about.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Wombats is a great place to stay for a backpacker traveling in Munich and right next to the train station. Definitely more of a night hostel as there is a lively bar downstairs where you can grab a few drinks and mingle with other guests before you go out or just to have something before you go to bed. Really simple and basic bedrooms and really helpful maps and guides for the city. Wifi is only downstairs but thats not a huge deal. Would definitely recommend this place!


This is a great place to stay for your average backpacker. The bathrooms are cleaned round the clock and the curtains on the beds give you privacy if you need it. They offer adequate breakfast of croissants, toast, juices and coffee and the bar downstairs is a great place to meet people - although with my experience this was really the only place to meet people as everywhere else people kept to themselves. Certainly not a typical "party" hostel but would highly recommend it!