Reviews: Anonymous

Bellpark Hostel

Lucerne, Switzerland

Stayed with a group of friends for a day. The hostel receptionist was more than happy to let us use the kitchen and other facilities in spite of our late check in and made sure that all amenities were in place before he left for the night. I would gladly recommend this hostel for anyone planning on a short trip to lucerne

Hostel Slotania

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Although the hostel was pretty far away from the main tourist attractions, it was worth the money.The rooms were pretty much very clean and the staff were also very helpful when it came to assisting the visitors.However the only issue with regards to the hostel was the water clogging in the shower, apart from that I would say, a good hostel to stay in if you don't find any ones within the main locations.

Travel Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel is centrally located and the rooms very much as described in the previous reviews.Only one charging point for the 8 beds altogether which was a bit difficult to manage.Broken lockers was another concern for us.