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Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 20

365 Inn

Beijing, China

Second time I stayed here and loved it. The 10 dorm room is the best! I could literally sleep in it forever

Saphaipae Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Place is massive and so might not have that cosy hostel feeling but it was exactly what I needed after a couple months of travelling. Place was clean and secure and there were nice people. Location was great. Would stay here again!

Koh Tao Central Hostel

Koh Tao, Thailand

I've been travelling for a long time and I really liked this hostel! Firstly the owner was really nice and helpful. Secondly this hostel had non of those annoying factors a dorm usually has. The room is lit with a warm red light so people can't wake others up by turning a big light on. There is still plenty of light to see. There are boards sperating each bunk which gives for some extra privacy. There are plenty of showers, toilets and sinks. The CCTV points to the lockers and not the bed.


Koh Phangan, Thailand

Place was good. Music is loud till 3am but since I didn't go till bed then it wasn't to bad. If you want some peace and quiet I would pay a extra and stay in the air con rooms.You can still here the music however. The staff were cool and a good laugh.

Yesinn @Fortress Hill

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The rating doesn't really reflect my view since its basis is various catergory. The dorm rooms were nice. The staff were ok. I think its one of the best places to stay in hong kong. Curtains made sleeping more cosy. Really good and nice people in my dorm.

Showbiz Inn at West Street

Yangshuo, China

My favourite place in the whole of china. Staff were so lovely and helpful! Great view and rooftop bar. Dorm rooms were clean and bathrooms were good. laundry was free for self service which was useful! Its really close the everything and they offer so many activities. Massive thank you to all the staff for everything. Philip

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Staff were so funny and nice and helpful! The dumpling making party was great fun and there were lots of people to talk to as I was a solo traveller. Dorms rooms are ok and so are bathrooms. Location is a short bus ride to the center or a 10 minute walk


The wasn't much atmosphere and the staff were fairly moody and didn't smile. However the dorm rooms were so cosy and nice and clean! Everything felt really homely. I highly suggest you go here! Really nice place and tour was great

Han Tang Inn Hostel

Xi'an, China

Hi lei lei! Its Phil! You made it the best time ever in xian for me! The staff are amazing. Great atmosphere! Lots to do. Room clean and beds are great. If you go to Xian go to this place! LeiLei makes the places amazing. Talk to him if you go.


Advantages: - Really nice bar area - Fairlt clean bathrooms, toilets, dorms - Staff super friendly. You can have a good joke with them. - Good location - Amazing rooftop with good view Disadvantages: - Showers are fairly disgusting. No where to really put your stuff except behind a curtain - Lots of long term guests and so I literally spoke to no one in my dorms whiles I was there. Very strange. - Bar a rip off

365 Inn

Beijing, China

Brilliant. Atmosphere was great. Very easy to meet people. Staff friendly. Beds nice. Stayed in 10 dorm room. A/C 24/7 keeping the room nice and cool. Really enjoyed stay I extended by 3 days. Location is excellent. Hostel on a very authentic Chinese street so you really feel like you're in China. At night lots of people at the bar downstairs and easy to talk to people then.