Reviews: Anonymous

Gracia City Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

This was a great hostel. The location wasn't bad and the price was reasonable. I was given free sheets but not towels. There was no lockable locker which wasn't ideal but the wifi was free and the facilities were nice. The rooms were also very clean. There was no free breakfast but they did give out vouchers for a free meal at a bar in the tourist area. The meal was only free if you bought a drink, but it was worth it! I would definitely stay here again.

Smart Russell Square Hostel

London, England

This was a nice hostel although a bit pricey for the room. There was a free breakfast that was nice and sheets were free but i had to pay to store my bag for the day. The room was nice but not the most clean, although that may have been partially because it was an old building. Free wifi was also great.

Pride of Paddington

London, England

This was a great hostel and I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived. The rooms were very nice and had clean sheets and towels that didn't cost extra. I was given a free breakfast voucher that gave several options for what I wanted. My only criticisms would be that the shower I tried didn't work well at all and the other coupons I was given didn't seem quite worth it for my budget since the pub food was already a bit pricy for me. Otherwise it was really great!