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Egans House

Dublin, Ireland

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Egan's Guest House. The staff were very friendly and gave me great suggestions for places to go. I didn't participate in the breakfast that they offered but I am sure it would have been good. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Fruit Rooms

Rome, Italy

I was a little upset that there was no WiFi but the staff said they were having trouble getting the company to install it. Of course, in Rome, I noticed that people advertise a lot that they really don't have just to get you in their business. I don't feel like this is the case with Fruit Rooms but they should take it off their listing until they actually have it. Other than that, it was a clean place for the money. I did except a little more than tea, cookies and fruit for breakfast. Oh well!

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Hello Patricia, finally the beginning of June we have the internet with wi-fi. It is not our intention to tell lies to our guest and that's why I write, when we booked in hostelworld we had internet, then there were problems with the company and there has been deactivated. Now, fortunately, everything is solved ... Thank you for all Fruit Rooms Staff


I stayed in a 21 bed female room. It was nice to have the privacy curtains on the beds. Everyone was very respectful of others. I wasn't expecting everyone to be in bed and all lights off by 10pm. The Internet seemed somewhat slow. So it was hard to Skype family back home. All-in-all, it was a clean place to sleep at a decent price. It was also nice being so close to the tube station.