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Located in the fifteenth arrondissement, Art Paris is centered in a local part of Paris away from the tourists. Though it's a ten to fifteen minute walk from the nearest metropolitan stop: "Porte De Vanves," it is in a prime location if you are interested in getting to know the REAL Paris. The staff is courteous, however the information they provide may not always be correct. It is best to double check your sources. The kitchen is simple and free breakfast is always a benefit. Bon voyage!

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Thanks for your feedback, we are glad you had a good time!

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

FANTASTIC hostel! Only complaints were the walk from the hostel to the city center unless you are traveling by metro and the kitchen which was never monitored for cleanliness. However overall great quality and worth the money. I would definitely stay here again.

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Unbelievable hostel! Only complaint was quality of wifi, but every thing else was fantastic. When I go back to Amsterdam I want to stay here again. You should not think about staying any where else.

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Glad you liked it! Our WiFi does suck but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it at the moment. Thanks for your awesome review!


Located roughly 30 minutes walking distance from Marianplatz, Meininger Munich City Center is half hostel and half hostel. The rooms and bathrooms are clean and provide MORE than the bare essentials. Perfect for anyone from families to backpackers this hostel provides peace of mind knowing you are in an affordable, safe and secure location. Worth the money, however my ONLY problems were the sporadic change in water temperature and the sporadic free wifi use age. Overall, great hostel for price.

M&J Hostel

Rome, Italy

Located 15 to 30 minutes walk from all attractions excluding the Vatican, M

Youth Meeting Home

Florence, Italy

Though I was hesitant about booking my hostel at Eurostudent Home, when I arrived I had a fantastic experience. The staff, though rude at times, upgraded my room because the one I originally expected was full. I had the apartment upstairs with the killer view, complete kitchen, lounge, and two big bathrooms. The location was five to ten minutes away from every site you would want to see and made my stay is Florence great. However... Yes. I had bed bugs here. That is true.

Zebra Hostel

Milan, Italy

Zebra Hostel is a young party hostel located about 20 minutes walk from the Doumo. The colorful zebra print walls and chairs and couches provide an environment great for socialization. The rooms are large, however there is a space between the ceiling and the top of the walls allowing you to hear into other rooms, which is annoying at night. The bathroom is unclean and currently being renovated... Maybe. Overall, good hostel if you want to stay one night

Ostello Burigozzo 11

Milan, Italy

GREAT Hostel! Located 20 minutes walking from the Doumo, this hostel has a prime location. The staff are friendly and helpful and the hostel provides many facilities including two multi-purpose rooms, a large clean kitchen, a reading room, and finally a Internet and television room. Beds were comfortable and shower was clean. Overall, great hostel in Milan. I also stayed at OstellOlinda and Zebra Hostel and this hostel takes the cake.


Milan, Italy

Horrible experience at OstellOlinda. The area is covered in graffiti and there are gates with barbed wire on the buildings. The hostel is located in a park which is not kept up to date. Stayed there two nights and refused to stay any longer. One other person was staying with me in the entire building. The hostel is not even in Milan, it's outside. Do NOT stay here. The reviews are wrong.

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

About a fifteen minute walk from the beach and a two to five minute walk from the train station, Baccarat Hostel was in a prime location in Nice. The staff was friendly and helpful and provided a safe environment for me to stay one night. That night, they had a champange toasting, which was a chance to meet and greet with new friends. Overall, good place to stay if you are on a budget.

Antares Hostel

Nice, France

About a fifteen minute walk from the beach, Antares Hostel is tucked away on a tourist street. It is roughly two to five minutes from the train station making it a killer location. The staff is versed in several languages including English, and provide a champange toasting or spagetti dinner every night of the week. Helpful, though the room and bathroom was not as clean as I thought it was going to be. Still "live-able" for the short time I was there.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Second biggest hostel in Dublin, Ireland (First biggest being Jacob's), Isaac's hostel provided large clean rooms and small clean bathrooms. The bathrooms have two toilets and three "push button" showers for an entire floor. The staff is incredibly helpful and personal and provide a simple breakfast of toast with butter and jam, cornflakes, and the option of apple juice, orange juice, or water. The hostel is consistently crowded and caters to a younger generation.