Reviews: Anonymous


Perfect location next to pub street. Clean. Safe. Cheap. Good showers. Atmosphere was kinda weird but you meet plenty of people out at the bars anyways. I'd stay there again for sure. :)


Galway, Ireland

Overall an average experience. It was clean. The atmosphere was nothing to be excited about but I guess that's just part of staying in a large hostel. Definitely not a bad place to crash for the night but that was about all we got out of it. The Irish girl at the front desk was really sweet though.


Just an average hostel. Wasn't ridiculously horrible but nothing amazing either. There is no common room which is kinda awkward because the only place to hangout besides your room is the bar which is open to the public. I thought it was a cool idea at first but then got kinda awkward when you have no where to go to just hangout and relax where you're staying. The beds are triple bunks. Not as bad as I was expecting though. Overall average hostel.


Easily one of the best hostels I've stayed at in terms of atmosphere and environment. Super homely. Great vibe. Clean. Good location. Full kitchen. Good wifi. Nothing bad to say about this place we already booked another night here. Do itttt.

Gandalf Passenger Ship

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We LOVED this place. The official owner wasn't there but the Chilean couple he had was amazing. Most inviting hosts. It is in a perfect location only a ten min walk to central station. It's a quiet homely "little" ship and to be honest it was nice to not deal with people being loud and obnoxious at crazy hours like at party hostels. Really different but cool experience. Super clean rooms with private shower per room. Good breakfast. We loved this place. 100%.


Really nice hostel like a hotel with a fun bar. One word of advice - DO NOT DO THE SAILING TRIP!!! Its 64 euros and the captain is horrible. It was advertised as a fun day boat trip with snorkeling. Went with 12 people on the boat and the guy only provided one snorkel for 12 of us... We were told we could drink if we brought our own stuff.. Captain was ridiculously strict saying he would "kill us if we put our camera on the table because it scratches his boat"...

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

We loved Abigail's. Its right in the heart of Dublin. Friendly and super super helpful staff. Huge common area which is awesome. And amazing full breakfast with toast cereal and hardboiled eggs. A lot of other hostels serve plain toast and call it breakfast. Loved Abigail's and perfect for the price.