Reviews: Anonymous

Sea Blue Phuket Hostel & Guesthouse

Phuket Patong Beach, Thailand

I really enjoyed staying here. The common room wasn't the kind of place you could make friends but the location was AWESOME. Removed from Bangla but close enough to walk everywhere. The staff was nice enough especially the man who is there at night. Everything is clean enough especially in the world of Thai hostels. I would definitely stay there again if I ever went back to Patong.

Hostelle - Female Only Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Although this hostel was really not close to the city, it was an incredibly short distance to the metro so if you don't mind paying for and using public transportation you have to stay here!! Common room was wonderful, we spent the night watching movies and girl talking. Showers clean and hot. Beds luxurious and well decorated!

Hostel Uppelink Ghent

Gent, Belgium

This place is gorgeous! Better than many high end hotels. The bar is great for meeting peopl, showers immaculate and warm. There is a bike parking garage very near for free if you bike. The staff was wonderful. The beer was cheap! Seriously, stay here!!!!!

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

Very nice complaints. Staff was amazing, located very near the metro, rooms clean enough. The common room/bar area was awesome! I met a lot of great people and really enjoyed my stay. I would definitely go again.