Reviews: johnsteies1018

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 25

Orient Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The location and security and all that was good but the staff was somewhat rude and unaccommodating. You aren't allowed to go into any other room in the hostel to visit a friend and I was asked to return my key to the front desk whenever I left the hostel. Nice place, just some strange rules.

Freedom Hostel

Cairo, Egypt

This is certainly the best hostel I have stayed at to this point. The staff will help you with maps, directions, suggestions and tips with a smile on their face. The entire hostel was extremely clean the whole week I was here. The bedrooms are air-conditioned and feel great after a day of sight-seeing in Cairo. To top it off, they can do laundry for you and provide a small complimentary breakfast. Great experience.


This is a party hostel. It is located on Adams Morgan street and right above a club that plays dance music until 2am. I was down for going out and partying so I didn't mind and actually had an amazing time at this hostel especially meeting people from abroad. So if you are looking to party, stay here! That being said, if you are looking for a nice quiet few nights, this isn't your spot. The rooms are adequate as are other living quarters. Nice staff.