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Location: China, Gender: Male, Age: 28


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The only attraction is the eco-friendly design. However, I had a poor experience staying here. Intended to choose a hostel accepting credit card, but the POS machine did not work. Had to withdraw cash with high commission. Poor sanitation condition in toilets. Sticky liquid covered the shower room. VERY NOISY in the night. No WIFI signal in metal-container-style room. Poor WIFI signal and few power socket in the common area.

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Dear, We are shocked by your review - it sounds you stayed in a dump, and they even made you pay for it. C/C machine is up and running, wifi should be fine after tomorrow. We installed 6 more sockets in the common area. And we also double soundproved the cabins... but after all for the bargain price you paid, it surely couldn't be this horrible? Hopefully you still enjoyed Amsterdam! Love, Anika

Gemini Studio

Florence, Italy

Best hostel experience ever.

HI Monterey

Monterey, USA

Good location, friendly staff.


The floor of the bathroom is always covered with unknown liquid. Cleaners rushed in the room without saying a world before check-out time.


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Plug-Inn Boutique Hostel

Paris, France

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Astor Hyde Park

London, England

The cleanliness begs question...