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Counter Culture Party Hostel

Veracruz, Mexico

Right by the beach- and any bus to take u anywhere u want to go. Most things to see are in walking distance- old town, spanish fort, museums. Check out the less touristic things like IVEC, a very cool and big music school/event hall with local art throughout. The hostel crew is super duper and knows a lot about what's happening in Veracruz, all of Mexico and other countries- also I always encounter interesting awesome nomad souls here!

Pura Vida MINI Hostel - Tamarindo

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Big WIN at the MINI Pura Vida! Lili is the best and the guests were so awesome too!- all one big family. Far above average here by all measure. the atmosphere is so tranquil and home. The staff thru osmosis teach u about the city, the best beaches for relax or surfing, where to party, and the best SMOOTHIES! Omg ! Speaking of staff! The best part of this home is LILI!!!! owns pura vida attitude and will teach u the proper way to swing in a hammock. The other pura vida tried to rip me off!


Incredible atmosphere. Home feeling. Best kitchen of any hostel. NIce terrace with bella vista of Granada and Sierra Nevadas. This place will be drawing me back to Granada again and again. The staff is the best part, they are all so active, involved, friendly, warm. Teresa! Nico! Joanne! and on and on! Everyone really is so coooooll and seems to enjoy being there.


Has everything you need. Staff are caring, nice, very helpful. Wombats is great, there is a hammock and nice lounge area, internet everywhere, easy to charge devices. Great refresh spot for the weary traveler. I would prefer smaller hostels, but options are limited in Vienna. This place is great.


They stole my money. I made a booking while on my way from Budapest. I missed my train due to language barrier. I sent Meininger several emails notifying that I would not be arriving as scheduled. They never responded. I showed up the next day and presumed I could just bump my reservation over, as I have done many times at other hostels due to transportation delays. They said I would have to pay anyway, even though they were not overbooked. I left and they charged my credit card. Thieves.

Hedonist Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

The kitchen is very difficult to maneuver with one person. I tried to cook with 4 people bouncing round, dancing and swirling between each other. Other than that, the place is great and the staff are awesome. The location is nice, a chill park nearby and walkable to historic areas. The city bus station is nearby. Great spot, but needs to take the island out of the kitchen.

Route 39

Istanbul, Turkey

It's good if you're in a large group. I didn't like this place because cooking was difficult. They say they have a kitchen on their features list, but it is not really. And they say you can't bring outside food here... What? Seems like a good place, but with wacky management making dictator rules for guests to follow. It's ok if you re just here to party. But if traveling, look for something else.

Kvartiri Pazvantovi

Sozopol, Bulgaria

A tranquil sanctuary to clear the mind and relax. The entire hostel is clean, safe, quiet, the best place to recover after crazy times in Nesebar or Varna. Nice kitchen. Location is perfect, quiet, you can go back and hike nature trails smelling pine trees on your way to the beach. Also go to the rocks behind old town for diving. Hostel has markets nearby as well.

Green Frog Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

I had to delay my booking, and they didn't try to charge me for the day missed. There are human beings running this place! I was robbed by Meininger hostels in Vienna when I missed a train. So it's good to find compassionate people offering home to travelers. Go green frog!

B&B Bella Bari

Bari, Italy

This is everything I dreamed of, a sanctuary I stumbled onto on my way to Matera. Who knew I would find this amazing place, so brand new and clean. The managers are really kindly! They gave me some direction for things to explore in the city, which is a very awesome old city, by the way! Bari Vecchia is an adventure through time with some of the finest historic architecture I've ever seen. I ended up wanting to stay longer, but had to move on to meet a friend. I will definitely return!

Hostel Kojic-Bar

Bar, Montenegro

Right by the sea, great view of the mountains. Very clean, and hosts are very kind. The place is just a short walk across one street to the beach! There are many grocery stores nearby, at Nona's you can get domestic Bar olive oil. I rented a bike rom the hostel cheaply, rode to old city Stari Bar and to see the "2000 year olive tree" Stara Maslina. My advice for the adventurer : go from the bus station to Durmitor National Park! You can make it a day trip if you go early.

Ole Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

The staff was arguing loud amongst eachother and a guest, about 15 minutes while I waited patiently to check in. I took this as a red flag to get out, and asked if I could cancel the next night. I was told to wait until the night to ask, the guy I asked had a western latin accent, said yes and we could sort it out . When I asked later, he refused and took the money from my key deposit. The hostel has no love, is based on shameful bull fighting. Staff was complete muppets.