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Hotel Rhetia

Paris, France

Traveled all the way to this place, took awhile to find and when we did they said, sorry, we dont associate with hostel world and then sent us to another place that we had to then find. Dont book here because this place wont accept you. Terribly un-hospitable and wouldnt recommend what i had to do to anyone. (find this place only to say that we have no room and sent to another place that we had to find)

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great stay! Loved the campers and everyone was accommodating. A bit far from central town but really easy to get there!

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Thank you for your comment. We're happy you've enjoyed your stay.

Hostel Miles

Prague, Czech Republic

They are amazing, a bit hard to find at first but then once you get there you see how great of a location it is! Its up on the 5th floor with a front desk that buzzes you through so the security also there. The rooms are basic, but free wifi and a place to sleep is all you really need! My girlfriend and I had our bags lost by the airport and they helped us find them, just great staff that work there and super nice. Would definitely stay there again and recommend it to anyone! Thanks!

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You make my day :-) thank you for your stay and nice review!