Reviews: Anonymous

Orange Drive Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

Most of the staff were rude. The shower didn't drain and filled the shower floor with nasty soapy water before I had even rinsed my hair out. Some reviews have said there is free parking. NOT THE CASE, it is $5/day with a tiny parking lot. Best I can say- the sheets were comfy (but the beds were old, creaky and hard). NO AC-VERY HOT!


No one tells you that this Hostel is in one of the worst parts of town BE SAFE. If you do decide to come here, ask for a room that has no outdoor facing windows. I got 3 hours of sleep due to the homeless people out the window yelling @ one another. There's no AC in the rooms, so plan on sweating all day. Free b-fast was self serve pancakes and you better get up early to get it if you're checking out. USA Hostels on Post St. is a much better deal plus they have liquid creamer unlike SFIH. C-