Reviews: Anonymous

U Hostels

Madrid, Spain

Yo disfrute mucho mi estadia, a pesar de solo estar un dia, el ambiente fue muy grato y el personal├▒ muy amable, de manera que en una proxima ocasion cuando deba volver a Espana, este hostel sera un destino ideal, mucha suerte y sigan con ese espiritu de calida recepcion a los visitantes

Diamond B&B

Rome, Italy

In general, staff, support and atmosphere it was excellent, Im really, really grateful for that excellent disposition for give me advices and tips for knowing beaufitul places in Rome, Italy; I really enjoyed my time in Rome, Colyseum, Vaticano, people, prices, food !!! only a word AWESOME, thanks guys

The Royal Bayswater Hostel

London, England

In general the hostel is good, breakfast and anothers, but there is a problem.... wifii pay for use internet ???? is the first time I had to pay 1 pound per 1 hour, honestly speaking it was unfair, really, because internet is free around the world in all hostels, I disagree with this policy, it is necesary to change this.. but in another issues it was good, but internet in this century it is essentail, it is not possible to pay an additional charge, simple no??? thanks

Woodstock Hostel

Paris, France

In general I was enjoying during that days en Paris, even I was able to start and to keep some friends and relationships; for the other side, breakfeast was nice, milk, juice, cereals... and the bread I liked!!! However, despite to find some hostels in Paris, in general they are expensive.. ok I know that in France prices in general are higher compared with another countries, but always it's possible to get some discount or consideration in relation to young people, because, we are who travel.


China is another planet... but this planet is amazing, because people, historical places are absolutelly umbelievable. prices are very cheaper and food is a surprise, traders are excellent negotiators,... however me too, Lol.... well King's Joy International Hostel, has a nice atmosphere and good support for visitors in general, ... however I disagree with the posibility to use wiffi only in the commons, and not at the rooms, I disagree with it....

Amsterdam Hostel

San Francisco, USA

In general is good, but the prices according to a tipic Hostel is very expensive, because normally it is from 18 to 24... but 40 or 44 dollars???? is too much, only that

Lucky D's

San Diego, USA

In general the hostel is good, so I think is better if the hostel offer some activities for knowing San Francisco, for example, friday, there is a party (its very common in otehr hostel) the idea is to create a ocassion to meet new people. But in general, is good, because China Town is near to there, and public transportation to Gloden Gate is efficient.


Honestly speaking, it was my best vacations during many time, so I enjoyed since the first day, the staff, to share with others visitors, hospitality, the diversity of activities, even the sensation of friendship with everyone in that hostel. Finally, I shared and met people, and I'm actually keeping relationship with some visitors, it's was amazing.

Miami Hostel

Miami, USA

In general I enjoyed my vacations in Miami beach and in this hosteling, because I meet many people from different countries, and this hosteling has differents activities for example, (with alliance with some turism companies) to visit the Everglades, to know Sawgrass (a big mall) or simply going to the beach with others residents to this hostel.