Reviews: Anonymous

The Only Backpacker's Inn

Toronto, Canada

A huge treat with this hostel is that if you're not down for their already yummy waffle breakfast, you can opt for a pasty and espresso beverage (a free breakfast of a delicious wild berry muffin and a dirty chai?? Seriously?!!) The staff is super kind and nice; the bar seems chill and thoughtful.

La Maison du Patriote

Montreal, Canada

It's a great hostel. I stayed in the 22 person dorm & was nervous, however, each bunk bed has individual curtains to give you privacy. The property is lovely, clean & in a well situated part of town. I would recommend staying here to anyone & will stay here again! Go have lunch atop the spiral staircase from the living room area! It's peaceful & you'll love watching people watch you eat..... HA!

Hilo Bay Hostel

Hilo, USA

Awesome place! Clean rooms, clean common spaces & bathroom facilities. Yes, there's no AC, but wait- YOU'RE ON A TROPICAL ISLAND. Figure it out & trust me you'll survive. Super chill owner who understands going with the flow to help out travelers within reason. Definitely NOT for the partying, crazy types. Wanna relax in Hilo & have a mellow base to operate from? Come here!