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Elbrus Home

Kathmandu, Nepal

Excellent place to stay in Kathmandu. Staff cater to your every need and go out of their way to save you time and money. Atmosphere is relaxing with a gorgeous fenced in garden that is an excellent escape from the city. The rooms are spacious and clean. Reliably hot showers. Fresh and safe water available anytime. Security guard at night. Five minute walk from Thamel, but much quieter at night. Only concern is slow internet, but that is true for most of Kathmandu. Highly recommended.

Backpackers St. Pauli

Hamburg, Germany

Cool hostel in a cool part of town. Staff is friendly though most speak little English. Reception is a bar and has an interesting atmosphere to it. The room was great. Spacious, clean and quality bathroom, lockers, and a balcony. Not the closest to the subway or busstop to get to the city center but the St. Pauli neighborhood is cool on its own as well. Charge for breakfast but worth the price (as in better value than the surrounding shops).

Hostel Posty Bremen

Bremen, Germany

Not a very professional operation. I booked a private room, which was pleasant enough, but the owners were not very reliable. At one point they had to leave and left me to hand out keys to incoming guests. They also did not return in a reasonable amount of time. Friendly people, but also speak very little English. Location is a short walk from the interesting part of town, but the hostel is located on the 5th or 6th floor of a building with other businesses below. not very accessible.

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It's bad when the many foreigners are not always the native language as perfectly as you speak. Normally, if you give yourself effortless, one understands the many other people in the hostel. We are a backpackers hostel, we assume that one can cope with a few levels. We are in the 4th Floor. It'better you take a hotel!

Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A large hostel located well to the east of the city center. There are still attractions close by, but be prepared for a good walk to a bus stop. Staff were helpful and the facilities were top-notch (except for the laundry room, which was a nighmare. I recommend walking to a nearby laundromat) Breakfast was great and wifi worked in the common areas. A little big for meeting people. Cool building and designs too. Also offer deals for attractions and tours at the desk.

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

I chose this hostel because it's close to some great beer places (Delirium). However, it was very sparse and cramped requiring me to walk many stories and change staircases to get to my room. Staff felt dismissive and unknowledgeable. Breakfast not included and not a good value. Bathrooms were tiny and the lower part of the building seemed to be a different business or hotel entirely. If all you want is a short walk to bars it isn't awful, but otherwise I'm sure there are better options.

HI Europa Brugge

Bruges, Belgium

A nice and accessible hostel. A moderate walk from Bruges but I don't know if you can get any closer. Good breakfast and helpful staff. The rooms were quality and had a walk-out balcony. Clean and well-maintained facilities. Large common areas with good wifi. Also not the easiest to find and the directions are a little misleading.


London, England

A little tol big for me and the location was out of the way of most of London. It felt like a long trip to and from anywhere. The building itself is very cool, but it was so big I found it hard to meet people. The staff were cold and not particularly helpful but but were not rude either. Many bathrooms were consistently closed and the showers were among the dirtiest I've seen. The laundry room was also tiny for such a large building. Wifi was unreliable and restricted to very small areas.

Central Backpackers

Oxford, England

Small but cozy hostel right outside the train station in Oxford. A bit of a walk to the main city though so it depends on your preference. Staff were great and felt as much like friends and fellow travelers as employees. They were also knowledgeable about the area. Rooms were nice and the common areas were cool and allowed you to meet people easily.

Neptunes Town Hostel

Killarney, Ireland

Friendly and accessible hostel in the heart of Killarney town. Helpful and well-informed staff, included breakfast, Free and working wifi, and clean facilities. The hostel can direct you to everything you need to enjoy the countryside of Killarney. Not the fanciest but well-suited for it's purpose and location.

Sheilas Cork Hostel

Cork, Ireland

The essentially average hostel. I have no major complaints but nothing stood out either. Facilities were workable and the people were nice enough. No free lockers and breakfast was expensive for the value. Did offer local food and beer discounts. Location is not far from the bus station but quite a bit uphill. Wifi only works in the small lobby area but has a large, but sparse, kitchen and dining area.

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Possibly my favorite hostel. The staff were extremely helpful, the rooms were cozy, the included breakfast was good, and the facilities were modern and clean. There are lockers provided under the beds, free and working wifi. There was a friendly environment well-suited for meeting people. The hostel also offers easy booking for local tours and day-trips. The only downside is the shared shower facilities, but that is a minor thing. Cannot recommend more highly.

Jacobs Inn

Dublin, Ireland

I only stayed here for one night but I was unimpressed. It seemed to be a very bare-bones hostel. The only upside was that it is located right next to the tram station, but there are also many hostels located in better and more accessible parts of town. I felt like it was out of the way. The rooms were sparse, they charge you to use a general luggage room, and offer few amenities. The staff were not particularly helpful, but again I was only there one night so this is a quick impression.

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

This was my first hostel experience so take that as you will. The staff was friendly, even letting us in for breakfast the morning we arrived. The layout is a bit annoying as you have to constantly climb stairs as change hallways to get anywhere. The facilities were so-so. The kitchen and common room were not particularly clean or well equipped but they got the job done. Very crowded because of the small spaces. Would possibly look for a smaller and more managable hostel in the future.