Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Age: 25

Khaosan Tokyo Original

Tokyo, Japan

Everything was good especially its location, however it was really small and cramped. The living area, bathrooms and showers were all pretty tight. Usually I am a big Khaosan fan, but this was just too small for me. If you are shorter than 5 ft 8 inches it will probably be fine. If taller than avoid this one and go to a different Khaosan in Tokyo if you can.


Surprised it was owned by a white guy. But the place is pretty amazing and he even picks you up from the station. Overall very pleased :D

Guesthouse Iki

Nara, Japan

This place was great! Super clean, nice owner, and right in the middle of Nara!

Yume Nomad

Kobe, Japan

Loved this hostel so much! The place was very cute and the owner was amazingly nice and friendly! This is a must stay in for Kobe.


Nice room, decent living area outside room. Kinda hard to find at first, and kept hitting my head on the door frames :( Otherwise a good hostel.