Reviews: Anonymous

Best Western The Bell Hotel

London, England

even though this hotel is about 45 minutes away from the heart of london (via the tube) it is an excellent hotel and worth the distance. The staff is very helpful and very friendly! Next time I go to the UK I will be staying here!!

Nuova Locanda Belvedere

Venice, Italy

The staff was very helpful and friendly. This hostel is about 20 minutes away from venice via the bus and you can buy bus tickets at the tabacco store downstairs. There is a supermarket close to the hostel which is nice. The only thing that was an inconvience was that the wifi can only be accessed in the common room, which isnt too bad, but at times there was 15 poeple in the room and therefore the wifi was extremely slow.

Ciao Hostel

Florence, Italy

This Hostel was a 10 minute walk from the center of florence. There was plenty of shops and places to eat surrounding the Hostel. The staff was very helpful and informative. The wifi worked wonders and the shared bathroom and kitchen was clean and accessible.