Reviews: Anonymous

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Wada Hostel was one of the best Hostels I have ever been before around the world! The staff was quite nice and helpful every time. The room and bathroom were clean and the atmosphere was very nice. Between price and service definitely worth it!

Beau Site

Brussels, Belgium

In relation to the price and service I would say it´s fair. The personal was pleasant and helpful. The breakfast was include and the room was clean

Amsterdam Mr Beans Bed and Breakfast

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was the worst Hostel we have ever stayed until now! We got a room just for us andit was quite small and very dirty. The bathroom was also completely dirty and very very small. Moreover there was some cosmetics at the bathroom... Even though the personnel was kind I would definitely not come back to this Hostel. It does not worth for the price!!!

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel is secure considering its location in the red lights. The staff is very nice and patient and the atmosphere in general is ok. The only thing I did not like was the poor cleanliness of the restrooms. I would also say that a night should be cheaper

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

Definitely one of the best Hostel I've ever stayed. The location is very good (near from the main train station) The common area is quite inviting and there is free coffe or tea available all the time. The beds are comfortable enough and clean. Unfortunately I can´t say the same for the bathrooms and showers, that was the only thing I wasn´t contented. They were unclean. Anyhow I would stay there again if I come back to Frankfurt.