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Youthhostel Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

Convenient elevator. Good/unique floor plan for rooms/bathrooms. Quiet. 5 star breakfast, best I've had in a hostel. Free wifi only in lobby.


Seemed more like a busy hotel than a hostel. Front desk staff always busy with something else and you are not first priority, like they didnt want to be there. Good bar with lots of seating downstairs. Large dorm rooms with table, 2 chairs, and sink. Large unlocked window you can use to climb onto scaffold type balcony (awesome). Walking distance to 0 sights, but 2 metro stops fairly close. Good wifi downstairs, ok/spotty wifi in room. Fairly quiet. Would find a smaller hostel if in Paris again.

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Thanks for leaving your thoughts. Its a shame you didnt have a good experience with our staff. This is very uncommon, we may have to look into hat has happened in more detail. Its pleasing to see that youve enjoyed the bar and restaurant however. Unfortunately it seems as though, someone had tampered with your window, so we will be sure to fix this asap, due to health and safety reasons. Its very rare youll find places close to lots, we have 3 metros to bring things closer. St Chris