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Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Had an issue one night where I returned and My name was wiped off the bed and someone else was given my bed and their belongings over the bed, difficult time getting a new bed. Was a lot of work to get to the room, bathroom facilities were VERY far from my room. Drinking fluids all day for the altitude but was always annoying to have to get to the bathroom. Party hostel! Fun but it also NEVER stops so sleep was hard but they do offer free ear plugs. Checked out day early to get sleep at a hot

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Dear Guest, thanks for leaving us your feedback. It's really important that you have taken the time to write us what happened, we want to apologize for the problem with your bed, I am sure for confusion one guest took your bed, definitely we will be more careful when we assign a bed. About the shared bathrooms, we have different bathrooms with easy access for each floor, I am sorry if the music of the bar didn't allow to sleep. We are currently working in the acoustic system. Front Desk Manager.

Purple Camel Hostel

Marrakech, Morocco

Loved the hostel. was nervous at first as they were doing remodeling when we checked in but after a few hours in the souks we returned to a great environment. would have loved to spend more nights here if I didn't have to fly back to the states

Funny Palace Hostel

Rome, Italy

The hostel was OK, the staff was the best part of staying there as they took their time to make sure you felt at home. The beds were tiny and was not a fan of carrying around 3 keys to get into the room. Great A/C and WiFi. Not a place to meet people so the atmosphere is non existent. Convenient access to termini

Casa Volante Hostal

Valparaiso, Chile

location was great and staff but beware it's a nice hike up the hill and steps so if u have heavy luggage u may want to get a taxi. security was good but the bell is annoying since u have to be buzzed to get in so all night the buzzer rings. The luggage storage under the beds were difficult to get too without bothering the person on bottom bunk. lastly some kinda animals live above the hostel and the screamed and hollered all night. between the buzzer and animals it was a rough night sleep.

H Rado Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Recommended and in great location. Comfortable night sleep and helpful staff. Would definitely stay at this hostel again!!


This place was amazing by far my favorite hostel I have stayed in. This hostel has anything u can think of. Highly recommend only downfall from other hostels is in room lockers and outlets at the bed to charge my electronics. Everything else was perfect. Would stay here again!

Habitat HQ

Melbourne, Australia

Friendly and helpful staff. Long distance to the beach when walking, especially after a drink or two. Comfortable night sleep and would still book here if I was in town

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Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, it's nice to hear you enjoyed your time with us and found our staff helpful and friendly - this is something we pride ourselves on! Good luck and safe travels for your time in Australia, The Habitat HQ Team

Base St Kilda

Melbourne, Australia

One of my favorite hostels, very convenient location to the beach. Friendly staff and very entertaining events thoughout my stay! Although my stay was only one night because they didnt have availability i can see why this place stays full. Only downfall was the additional payment for wifi, but i wouldnt let that hinder my ratings

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Hi there! Thanks for leaving us such a banging review! Although you do have to pay for WIFI it's very fast with unlimited downloads. To make up for it we also have free activities such as Yoga, Tours and a FREE BBQ ever Wednesday night. We're sad you couldn't stay with us for longer but we really hope if you're ever back in St Kilda you come and stay with us again :-) Best wishes & safe travels, BASE MANAGEMENT.


Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Staff seemed to be bothered by everyone. Customer service was not a priority. They rather talk among one another or focus on their food. Either way I was last on list of priorities and I wasn't the only person that felt this way. Everything else about location was perfect. Great location. Comfortable night sleep. Nice location in the middle of causeway bay. Staff needs major upgrades or lessons to put customer first

Five Stones Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

I'm normally a tough critic but my stay here was amazing. Checked In at 1am to a sign welcoming me to hotel with instructions of how to check in. Clean and friendly staff. Fast wifi. Would highly recommend this location. Close to clarke quay and amazing service

Khaosan Tokyo Ninja

Tokyo, Japan

Great hostel if you don't mind not being near all the action. But it's close access to train lines. The hostel gives you printed up directions to sites. Staff would have been excellent had they not moved my belongings. Second day I ended up with top bunk after informing them I was staying extra night. Was told no lower bunks available...Low behold my old bunk was open that night. Facilities received avg rating due to the 5 flights of stairs I had to travel up and down. But would stay again!


Staff very bad. I speak English and the staff spoke little english. When he asked about tattoos he misunderstood me and refused to let me stay and threatened to call police. I was calm the entire ordeal. After 10 mins telling I'm I have no tattoos and offering to take my clothes off he sent another person over which allowed me to stay. It was an ok hostel but I would never return here. Seems more set up for the locals than for travelers! Not recommended!

Botanic Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Excellent and helpful staff and location is very secure. Although it is very accessible to alot of bus lines the property was farther then i expected from some of the sites i planned to visit. The room i stayed in had a very damp smell to it, upon looking around to the base of the rooms and bathrooms there was heavy mold issues which would explain the smell of the air. The shower was very small and the shower curtain had mildew on it which made me uncomfortable while cleaning.

Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

Great place to stay. Close to train lines and Sagrada familia. I didn't take many points off for this but my entire dorm was full of coughers. The hostel can't control that so I didn't take that away from them. Also NEVER leave anything in the fridge everything I wrote my name on got consumed by someone the next morning on all 3 nights! The staff was notified but kinda just shrugged their shoulders. Maybe they ate it. But anyway besides not getting sleep and my stuff eaten it was great!

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Very fun hostel and would return here if I came back to Lisbon. Hostel has all of the amenities needed and the staff goes out of its way to make you feel at HOME. Only downfall for me is I am a fairly light sleeper so with the 2nd floor partying with loud music woke me up a few times but I would still stay here again without question! Very close to metro and walking distance to a few attractions


Overall I would return to this location. I would just choose not to do the outside tent. The lounge area is right next to the sleeping quarters so the talking doesn't allow a light sleeper to get much rest. Somehow nightly its always a battle for couches in the sleeping area, so get to your couch early. The distance to the beach is not bad but commuting to central bus station can be quite a hike. Staff is very helpful. Location is clean.


I would stay at the location again. Only major downfall was how the room was setup. The top bunk did not have access for me to plug in my electronics and the courtyard area was right outside the window so smoke comes into the room and you can hear all conversations. The hostel was farther than expected from tourist attractions. very clean and nice friendly staff

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place is amazing! Staff is educated and happy to help. Clean would be an understatement. Mattresses were comfortable. Very close to all the museums and not too far of a walk from everything. Caution...Watch your step walking down the stairwell I seen a few people tumble but there is an elevator available for convenience. Easily one of the best hostels I have stayed in and will highly recommend it.

Terra Brasilis Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Very relaxing hostel with probably one of the best views of the city. Does not have much of an environment but i stayed here for a night and would stay here again. But the location is not bad from Lapa but climbing up the street is ROUGH after a few drinks.


Bangkok, Thailand

CheQinn was a quiet location off a busy area near Nana Plaza. The place was super clean and i was surrounded by friendly staff and other travelers. One of the rare hostels i have stayed in over the past few months that had a good wifi range in the rooms without having to migrate to the lobby for a signal. They also have the A/C on blast, which is good because the low was 85 degrees even at night!

The Lounge

Koh Samui, Thailand

The Hostel was wonderful, great staff. Only downfall was the wifi in the rooms so was limited to being in the lounge area. The A/C was great, the facilities were wonderful. i had no major complaints at all. I made mistake and didnt complete my reservation fully and the staff was able to accommodate me. I would not hesitate to stay here in the future