Reviews: Octarine

Location: Norway, Gender: Female, Age: 33

The Boutike Hostel

Seville, Spain

Good value for money, good location and great breakfast (thanks Juan). A roof terrace is never wrong (just mind the slightly neurotic neighbor cat), and the staff are friendly. However, the experience was rather diminished by being in a room with no real ventilation. Windows only opened to another enclosed area, so no real fresh air, and no air condition. No lockers, rather closets; two very large, and two small, on of which was impossible to open. Should be improved!

Somnio Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

I really enjoyed this hostel. It had a certain 'calm' about it, not at all a party place and everyone staying seemed to respect other people's desire for quiet nights. Staff were super friendly and helpful, location was great and reasonably quiet, rooms were spacious, lockers for everyone and the place was kept clean. You've got access to a fridge to store a few things as well, which is nice. I would definitely stay again.

Soul Backpackers Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Location is great, the people working there are really friendly, wifi works well and lockers are big enough to keep your suitcase. Unfortunately that's not enough, and no matter how much I wanted to like this place I really couldn't. The room always felt stuffed and smelled musty. Window opened to equally musty backyard, so no help there, and air condition made little difference. Mattresses were also very thin and worn. Room right next to common area not a good idea either..

The Cat's Pajamas Hostel

Berlin, Germany

I really enjoyed my stay. Location is good, easy connection to all of Berlin. Loved the common area, the friendly staff, the kitchen, the decorations... On the downside: Could get no wifi in room. The idea of separate shower and toilet is great - but the shower room was t-i-n-y. A few shelves would have helped. Otherwise a great hostel for the price (most negative experiences are due to other guests lacking common sense), and I will definitely consider it for my next visit to Berlin.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Good location, friendly staff, clean rooms and elevators! Interesting lounge. Only had breakfast one day, but it was decent for the price. Cons: near death by air-freshener (intense is the word). Should have had private reading lights for all beds. A lot of people come here to party, and it's annoying as h*** to suddenly have the room flooded by light in the middle of the night. Generally a decent place and I might consider staying again.

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

Two bathrooms to I-don't-know-how-many-dorms is beyond ridiculous, as are the smokers balconies that meant the common area was freezing and stank of cigarettes almost constantly. Music was too loud most of the day, making the area unsuited for quiet activities like reading. Breakfast was good, but the option of a more quiet room to eat in would have been nice. Also: get extra keys for the in-room lockers so guests won't have to do without when one is lost. Won't stay again.

Lotte - The Backpackers

Heidelberg, Germany

Best hostel I've ever stayed at! Everything is great about Lotte, from the ease of finding it (follow the instructions) to the friendly smiles of everyone working there, the super-cozy lounge, superb decor everywhere, always-warm-showers and amazing location... I didn't want to leave! Carmen - you have really done an excellent job in creating a home away from home for every tired traveller! :) Won't even consider wasting my money on hotels when I go back, Lotte is so much better!


Dusseldorf, Germany

Pros: Good location - close to Altstadt/Königsallee and busses/trams. Decent breakfast for the price. Quiet area. Cons: Kitchen - and hence also fridge - is off limits after 10pm. Also, there's the matter of few showers/toilets. Still would have considered staying again, if it wasn't for one (1!) member of the staff appearing generally unfriendly and actually criticicing one guest in front of all others for what was likely a simple misunderstanding due to language differences.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

I had a really nice stay. The location is great, and the bed one of the best I've ever had in a hostel. Didn't use the kitchen, but it looked really good. Will definitly come back some other time.

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Dear guest, thank you for leaving us a review and all the nice comments. A 77% review leaves a lot of improve on however, but we don't see any points of improvement in your review. We kindly request you to contact us and let us know how we could make this a 100% stay for you next time. Many thanks, Lotje & team Cocomama


This is really a hotel, not a hostel. But keep in mind: this is also New York, and for the price... Location was good, very close to subway, and the people working there really nice and helpful. I had the basics: Clean bed, towel, shared shower/toilet - and an in-room fridge - but that's it. Access to a microwave, but no kitchen. For the room I would suggest: curtains/blinds, a trashcan - and a small mirror. Good for the price though, and I would stay again.

Old City Philly House

Philadelphia, USA

An actual home away from home. A very relaxed and cozy home at that (love the no-shoes-indoors policy). The place was clean, kitchen seemed to have everything you might need (didn't use it myself), common area excellent for meeting people, lots of organized activities for those that want to join and staff was super friendly. Add an excellent location (central but still a quiet area) and magic pots of coffee (again: superb staff!), and there's little doubt I'll stay again if I'm ever in Philly.

Capitol City Hostel

Washington DC, USA

Pros: Relatively small, really comfortable bed, close to bus-stop, friendly owner.. Cons: ...don't really have any. The place was nice enough for a few days, but I'm not sure I would stay again. That goes for D.C. in general, which might be the reason why I'm not all enthusiastic about the hostel. But for the price, and location, it was good - and I do recommend it to others.

Pacifica Hotel

San Diego, USA

Great location? Check. Clean bathrooms? Check Bed bugs? ... check. ...and very unfortunate, as I may otherwise well have recommended the place, 'cause you really can't beat the price. Luckily the bugs revealed themselves before I got to bed, so I was able to change rooms (the manager was really helpful, even though it was already past midnight), and thus escaped a really close encounter. Stayed three nights in a new room without seeing a single bug, but the experience was still ruined for me.

Hostel on 3rd

San Diego, USA

Pros: Excellent location (close to grocery store, shops, dining, buses etc). Quiet area. Decent beds. Cons: Only one (1) outlet in 4-bed dorm. Lousy wifi.


Only stayed a couple of nights and only went there to sleep, but anyway: Pros: Excellent location! (I know, some people keep insisting the area's a bit 'dodgy', but use some common sense and you'll have no problems at all). Fair value for money. Loved the linen! (very soft - cool color combinations). Cons: No lockers in the rooms. No luggage storage on-site (although you can store your luggage at a backpacker-center just three doors down). No lock on ensuite bathroom door.