Reviews: Anonymous

Morningside Inn

New York, USA

Though it may be on the high end, price-wise, of discount accommodations, it was well worth the extra couple of dollars a night. Morningside was quiet, extremely clean, and located in a beautiful neighborhood in Upper Manhattan. Our room boasted all the amenities of a proper hotel, including a flatscreen with cable, housekeeping service every day, big bathroom and mini-fridge. All In all a very pleasant experience

Greenpoint YMCA

New York, USA

Greenpoint hostel is a YMCA, and it shares certain characteristics that are common to all YMCAs- the smell of sweat, the sound of children etc. That being said, the hostel is in a great location out in Brooklyn, despite the high volume of traffic in the shared bathroom it was always shockingly clean, and the breakfast voucher for a local restaurant was a surprising bonus. For anyone looking to see New York on the cheap, I highly recommend it.


There is absolutely nothing exceptional about the 'hotel' LaGuardia. It's a nice easy busride to the Airport, which can be convenient, but it's also a 20 minute walk to the nearest subway. They have a nice kitchen, but so many people staying with them it can be busy for hours. The staff was mildly helpful. The rooms were clean enough. 'Fine' is the adjective that comes to mind. I have no complaints. No compliments. It was a cheap place to stay and as such it fulfilled it's requirements.