Reviews: kateskalij

Location: England, Gender: Female, Age: 27

We used this place as a stop off for a couple days before our train at St Pancreas. Its a short walk to Camden so I like the area, but its just rooms on top of a pub. There's no common room for the people staying. One guy that works there was very nice & making jokes but the others just kept us waiting at the desk or just didn't seem to care at all. If I were travelling on my own, I wouldn't like it because we didnt see the others in our room all day but as I was with my boyfriend it was fine


I loved this hostel, so homely. Loved the people working there. And Bax!! Would definitely recommend and stay here again.

Flamingo Hostel

Krakow, Poland

I liked this hostel but I really only booked it because the other hostels I would have liked to stay in where fully booked. It was pretty nice. A couple of the receptionist were nice, another not so friendly. Great central location. They offered tours to Auschwitz from the hostel which looked pretty convenient, but I went to the bus station on my own, which was half the price. Not too many showers and bathrooms there, but it actually wasn't a problem. Good location to meet people though!!

Chillout Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

The staff were great here! The rooms and even the showers were good, kitchen yes, common room. I just REALLY disliked almost every guest staying there, especially in my room. They were all just so rude and inconsiderate!!! And normally I am not picky at all with who I share a room with. I can sleep through everything and can ignore people easily. Maybe I just came at a wrong time, but I just didn't enjoy staying there and I really would not want to stay there again.

Jimmy Jumps House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

I LOVED this hostel. I met so many great people, the staff were nice. Good location, had some good nights out. The breakfast waffles were so good - nice change to other hostel breakfasts. Some places it all depends on the people you are around in a hostel and this place was full of amazing people. Great memories and I would love to stay there again. Definitely would recommend!

Hostel Stadion

Helsinki, Finland

I liked this hostel for the fact that it was in the Olympic stadium. It was a good location. But I can't say I actually met anyone there. I don't think it was a good place for single-travellers. Luckily I had some travel friends also staying in Helsinki, but they were staying at other hostels and couchsurfing so I went out with them. Helsinki with the locals is just amazing!!!

Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great hostel, which was like a hotel. It felt very secure. You had to take the tram to get into town and I got a 3 day pass for travel which wasn't so bad. I think the last tram back was about 12.30am or a little before. The staff were OK, but it was mostly the environment that was lacking. As I travel alone I wanted to mingle and the bar area was full of 16 year olds. I think maybe while I was there it was a school trip. overall OK. I don't know if I would stay again, unless going in a group


The Hague, Netherlands

Really great hostel and I would (and do) recommend it. I love the location near to the beach and it was so relaxing in the back garden. Met so many cool people and generally a great, chilled out environment. There are lockers in the hallway that are big enough to fit your backpack easily. There is no breakfast but the shop is RIGHT next door and the kitchen is nice so I did a lot of cooking.

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

I loved this hostel! I met a lot of great people, the rooms were nice and clean with lockers. The kitchen is cute, but doesnt have an oven but that's fine. About a 10 min walk to the nearest coffeeshop too ;) I would recommend this hostel to anyone and would definitely stay there again.

Hostel de Mafkees

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Overall this was a good hostel. It was not full when we were there but if it was, in those massive dorms, it may have been a bit of a nightmare. But the staff were so nice and friendly. I had a really nice time there. Fair location for Rotterdam. I'm not sure I would stay there again though.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

I really loved this hostel. It is like a hotel! The staff and guests at the hostel were great fun. Really close to the city centre. I would definitely recommend this hostel.


Stayed here as I arrived in Paris late from the Eurostar station, Gare Du Nord. Perfect location for that and also generally for around the city. I had a great time at night with the people in the hostel. Very friendly, would recommend and stay there again.