Reviews: Anonymous

Bob's Youth Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Good crowd of students and young people to smoke and to chill with. That said, the rooms are a total mess and definitely a free-for-all. A friend of mine had bed that was broken down the middle and the pillow was missing, and he did not receive a refund. The guy at the front desk just gave him a can of heineken. Rooms are filthy. Not to mention the bathrooms. Poorly heated as well. Minimal, if any, security, which can definitely seem very sketchy. Not worth the price.

The Babushka Grand Hostel

Odessa, Ukraine

Great hostel experience. I look forward to going back to Odessa and will likely look to stay here again. Staff was very cool and chill. Four person room was large, clean, and very well decorated. Other guests were great, and overall the experience was better than any I've had previously at a hostel.