Reviews: Anonymous

Retro House St Petersburg

St Petersburg, Russia

The only reason I am doi g this survey, is due to the helpeful, smiling and alñways available staff at the front desk, Const & Alex are two superb guys who are always happpy to asnwer and help in their way in order to let me know where and how to get to the places i wanted to visit, as I had only a few houres in St. Peter.

Cool & Bed

Lyon, France

Girl at reception exrtremely helpful, SECURITY not that good, there were many times that staff were not at the front desk, specially at night, i had to take a taxi the following day to the airport instead of taking the trian, as nobody was there, i had to wait 45 minute,s which ended up paying much more money for my taxi to the airport, I felt really really angre about it,