Reviews: Anonymous

The New York Loft Hostel

New York, USA

I was pleased to be assigned to a couple of students enrolled to a college (not that it was necessarily critical for this criteria) and personable overall. The cluster of Europeans were pleasant to talk to during their Friday night BBQ and their complimentary dinner was a God send, considering the rigorous experience of flying all the way from Vegas on connection flights to Mineapolis. Overall an excellent place and convenient to the subways to lower Manhattan.

Stay on Main

Los Angeles, USA

I was impressed with the level of cleanliness and quality of rooms that were available. .... plus the location was close to bus metro route #733 which is a straight shot to Santa Monica beach and surrounding areas worth sight seeing.... great service and was fortunate not to have a roommate that evening...


I am fortunate to have the bathrooms relatively in decent shape and not have them as dirty as other places elsewhere - the showers and bathrooms. I liked the location because it is close to downtown and the bus routes to 30th and Downing, which takes me to the airport. The only reservation was that it is located to a couple of night clubs where the music was loud but by 2-3 am, the noise would dwindle. Overall, I cannot complain that it is a relatively respectable place to lodge.

Orange Drive Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

I was not pleased that I was charged an extra $20 upfront which was not mentioned on the website. Overall, I cannot complain as the total cost of staying there for the weekend was pretty decent. The other reservation was that I was charged for Sunday night, when I was not planning to stay until sunday afternoon. Otherwise, I was fortunate to find decent roommates who were respectful of my belongings. It took a bit long to wait for the men's shower so I had to use the one upstairs.