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Jin An Hostel Guangzhou

Guangzhou, China

Not a backpackers place, don't expect to find the ambiance and facilities you will in reputed international youth hostels. Too crowded, messy. The staff wouldn't give us a key for the locker and appartment at first! Kind of annoyed for insisting and when it was time to pay back the deposit some miscalculation for his part obliged me to pay extra and he was not very nice about it either, complaining in Chinese to the other guests.

Sunshine Home

Guangzhou, China

Not a backpacker place, you will not find the ambiance, confort and facilities usual in many other places. No restaurant, bar, no places near to eat... and no swimingpool! The woman that runs it is friendly enough the first day, the husband just lays in the couch watching tv all day and doesn´t look friendly at all. A friend who stayed over one month and had to leave unexpectedly didn't get his deposit for not saying the day before.

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Thank you for taking time to do the review. On the contrary there are plenty of restaurants and eateries close by. Clubs and bars easily reached by metro or bus. Beach swimming pool only 2~minutes walk. And we DID return your friend's deposit money. Unfortunately we need to charge him for the day's bed as it was not an emergency case for him to check out for the day. If it had been an emergency case, we would be happy to do otherwise.


Location depends on weather you want to see the town (far away) or travel around the area (close to the bus station). The place is renovated and looks excellent, english speaking staff, friendly, nice music, bar and superb food. Not many people around though, but a nice place indeed.

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you know we are a small city, and outside the hostel there are 5 buses passing by which makes you easy to get to the town. 2 km is just a little if you are in a big city. anyway, thanks for your comments, welcome to our hostel again next time.

Rainbow Lodge HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The staff is really friendly and the hostel is clean and very confortable... and very well located! I will repeat for sure in the future, Daniel (Spain)


The volunteers helping in this hostel are awesome and pizzas are great, thanks!

Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Very nice staff and place, but bad info for visiting the rice terraces (told us there was water but nop) and didn't keep a room I booked in advance.

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Hi, Thanks for staying with us. For the rice fields, the local people started to water the fields from 8th May, you went there by yourself about 13th, at same days there're other guests going there and they said there's water and very beautiful. We are confused about what you saw. For the room, you reserved on 17th May for the 2nd times check-in but came back on 16th. Wada was full on that day, that's why we can only give you other room type because of your temporary changing. Thanks.