Reviews: Anonymous

Pegasus Hostel

Berlin, Germany

DO NOT STAY HERE. Woke up the next day with bites all over my arms and legs and they itch like hell. Not all of the beds have them because my boyfriend didn't get any, but I wouldn't take the chance.


The hostel itself is a bit ghetto, one of the showers doesnt work and another has a piece of plastic poorly hanging for a curtain, and there are signs posted everywhere telling you what to do and what not to do. We liked our stay here though because Daniel is really cool. Hes not just a staff member but really like a host and you are in his home. Also he isnt there incredibly often so we had free reign to do whatever we wanted, haha. It is a really relaxed atmosphere and we enjoyed our stay.

Hostel Slotania

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hallway going to the room was lined with dirty red carpet so it was very misleading at first but when we opened up the door we found a really clean spacious room with individual safes and a huge beautiful bathroom. The beds were the most comfortable we have slept in yet!! Also there is a big TV and cheap breakfast in the morning. We even left our cooler in the lobby on accident and when we returned hours later they had it waiting for us! However, certain staff members were very rude.

Travel Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

WIFI was expensive!! (There is an internet cafe LITERALLY next door for much cheaper). Also our room smelled like feet. BAD. The bathroom was worse. We were the first ones there so we know it is in the room. My blanket had white crusty stains all over it (gross...) so I just didnt use it. However, the location is great, the staff is great and they have a pool table so its a cool place to hang out. I just wish the room didnt smell SO bad. The staff makes this place much better.

Hostel Utopia

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This was our first day in Amsterdam and the staff was very friendly and accommodating in helping us. The coffee shop is a cool place to hang out (I would recommend only eating half the muffin.... haha). The room itself was sub par... we had the double private and it was tiny and awkward. It does have a sink though and was acceptably clean. WIFI only in the coffee shop and it closes at night but you can still stand outside and use it if necessary. Prices double on weekends.

Armstrong Hotel

Paris, France

We have been traveling Europe for 3 weeks and Armstrong Hotel was literally the BEST experience we had in any hostel in any country. Free hot chocolate, coffee and tea, free use of computers, super nice and clean bathroom with towels and soap and hairdryers, our hotel room even had a balcony overlooking the streets of Paris! Not only that but the staff was AMAZING. They told us where everything was in Paris! Plus they have the cheapest postcards in the city! DEFINITELY book your stay here!!