Reviews: Anonymous


The hostel location is not idea for wanting to find food later @ night. Most of the restaurants close down pretty early. As everybody else says, the area is a bit ghetto and homeless people walk around but I never felt threatened during my stay. Just mind your business as you walk around at night and you should be fine.

River City Inn

Singapore, Singapore

Compared to the other hostels I have stayed at, this hostel was a bit pricey (but Singapore is expensive also). The staff was very nice and the hostel is a very social one if you like that. The only drawback is that their rooms are huge so you might be sleeping in a room with 20 other people. There are no curtains for the top bunks nor are their curtains on the windows. Also, around 9am they turn off the AC and turn on the fan/ Other than that, the ventilation is fine for so many people.

Busan Pobi Guesthouse

Busan, South Korea

This hostel was very safe and clean for the most part. Every bunk bed has a personal light and curtain included. It is a good location if you want to spend some time @ Haeundaue Beach. As for the staff I did not interact with them too much. They were there to help when you need them to but not as social as other hostels which can be good and bad depending on what you want.

Bong House

Seoul, South Korea

This hostel is a very cool place depending on what you are looking for. The area is generally safe but there are no keys for your rooms. There is a keypad to enter the hostel after working hours as well as lockers for your use. As for the atmosphere, you get a free beer every night. Mr. Bong and his staff are extremely friendly and helpful so they make the visit worth it! I even created lasting relationships with some of the staff!


This place was a pleasant surprise because it was very economical as well as more luxurious that originally expected. This is not a hostel but felt more like a "hotel" w/ bunk beds. My friend and I stayed here in a 4 bedroom but our room also had it's own personal bathroom and shower (like a hotel would).


My friend and I stayed here two nights. We rented the 2 room suite and it was very nice. Not knowing the area it did take a little while to find the place in the middle of the night so I would recommend some better directions but other than that, our stay was very safe and pleasant.