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Stay in Chelsea

London, England

The room was good. Nice bed, big open room, two large windows, sink, stovetop, fridge, etc. Nothing fancy, though, and ceilings were kind of gross. Shared bathrooms were not kept very clean and toilet paper was missing for a full 24 hours. At least it was never a trouble getting into a bathroom. Location was great, near two well connected tube stops. Biggest bummer was a 6am fire alarm which no one fessed up to, and kept everyone outside for an hour waiting to get help from the staff or firemen.

Le Sirene

Cinque Terre, Italy

I expected a little more for what we paid. Staff was not great. Our room felt hard to keep clean because there was a dampness that just kept everything sticky and wet. Couldn't keep our window open because a room next two ours had a patio connected to our window. I was expecting some sort of view but there was none. Location right near train is great, but some might prefer to stay in the historical, downtown side of Monterosso more.

Hotel San Giovanni

Florence, Italy

Got a room here the night before arriving. Just spent one night and the owner had our room ready as soon as we got in by train so we could drop our bags and make the most of the day. Very spacious room and amazing views/location. Sheets, towels, and showers are not amazing but the price for what you get is really amazing!

3 Coins B&B

Rome, Italy

Great staff and amazing location. Everything was basic and nice, but room with shared bathroom was very tiny and cramped for two people with lots of stuff.

3 Coins B&B

Rome, Italy

Tanya was so great to us! We really loved this place, though our room with a shared bathroom was incredibly tiny! The other people using the bathroom didn't keep it very clean with us, either. Our first night there, though, we had to stay in one of the bigger rooms, which was very spacious, big bathroom, and great wifi signal. Seemed like it'd be worth the extra money for a private suite.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

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