Reviews: Anonymous

Backpackers House Venice

Venice, Italy

(NOTE: They actually put me at Antico Capon.) I got bites on my feet that fit the description of bed bug bites. Sure enough, the blood spots were on my blanket. I showed staff the blanket and asked for a refund. They told me (get this) that they only wash the blanket "seasonally" and that the blood was just someone else's old blood from a long time ago. Gee, thanks, that's tons better! If you want to get bit by bugs and/or sleep under blankets covered in someone else's blood, this is your place.

Woodstock Hostel

Paris, France

Pleasantly surprising! Clean hostel, excellent staff who are willing to work with you and help you out. Great location in Montmartre. Amazing value for how cheap it was. Smaller dorms are quite affordable compared to most places. Generally nice, chill people instead of the hyperactive noisy party crowd you find at some hostels. Seriously worth a stay. My one complaint: the luggage room is literally just a closet that anyone from anywhere can walk into and put in/take out anything.

London Backpackers

London, England

A cheap, clean place to stay in London. Not near the center, but right by a tube station to get you there. Staff aren't the nicest but not the rudest either. Reasonably clean. Worth it if you're on a budget. If you've got a bit more to spend, there's no need to stay out this far.