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For young travelers, the hostel was in a good location and had a nice atmosphere. One downfall was having wifi only in the common room as it became more of an internet cafe rather than a place to meet new people. But overall, a good experience for the money.

Florence Youth Hostel

Florence, Italy

Although the location and security of the hostel is good, the atmosphere was not ideal for "youth." The staff will answer questions that you may have but do not have any sort of agendas or initial recommendations on how to spend your time in Florence. Very difficult to meet other travelers, it almost felt like it was discouraged in an effort to keep the hostel tame. Would only recommend to couples or people looking for privacy.

Mambo Tango Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Sant Jordi is a premier hostel for young travels. The hostel itself is incredibly inviting -- everyone hangs out with each other as if you are a family. Additionally, the hostel plans an event essentially every night, granting free access to nightclubs, discounts at bars, ext. Well worth the money. The next time I visit barcelona, I will be sure to stay at Sant Jordi.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Located right on Plaza Real, it is definitely the best location in all of Barcelona. Only for young travelers. A great place to meet others. Sometimes felt like more of a club than hostel, but that can be a good or bad thing depending on the type of experience for which you are looking.