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Apartments Panorama

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Apartments Panorama is a steal! This place is all about location, location, location. Although it's a trek uphill, the view from the balcony is worth infinite kuna. If you're going to stay in Dubrovnik, skip the hostels down by the touristy areas and stay here where you can cook your dinner and watch the sunset with the most amazing views you'll ever see in your life. We will definitely be coming back!!

Hostel Lodi

Rome, Italy

Hotel Lodi is about a 30 min walk to the colliseum, but a 10 min walk from the metro. Despite the distance, the room was superb, and the staff was even more amazing! Upon arrival they offered us water and helped us plan out a 3 day itinerary without even asking knowing that Rome can be overwhelming with all the attractions to see. They have us great tips on saving money and the best places to eat and pick up Gelato. We will definitely come back if we are ever in Rome again, thank you!!!

Hotel Garden

Florence, Italy

Beware of opening the windows in your room here. Even though the location was excellent, the area is a breeding ground for Mosquitos. My bf and I got bit 36 times each and once we figured out the problem, we had to shut the windows and doors and go on a mosquito massacre. The breakfast was good and the staff spoke little English, but if Mosquitos don't make you painfully flare up, I would suggest this place only for the location or invest in bug repellent for sure!

Generator Venice

Venice, Italy

The Generator was such a shock to us because it resembled more of a really fancy hotel than a hostel. The beds were so comfortable and the atmosphere was great! The owned downer is that I got bit a couple times at night by I don't know what, maybe bed bugs? Also it's on it's own island so make sure you buy a boat pass to get to the mainlands of Venice. Other than that, breakfast was good and we enjoyed our stay there!

Hola Hostel Eixample

Barcelona, Spain

The beds were great, but the bathrooms were disgusting. Our in-room toilet didn't work so it smelled the whole 3 days we were there, and the floors in the public bathrooms were always dirty. It had a nice kitchen but no oven. Breakfast was alright, but after one time we skipped it. It's about a 15 min walk to the The Gothic but overall it's a decent location. The layout is a bit impersonal, and doesn't give you an atmosphere to socialize with other travelers, but the staff was very helpful.

A&O Dusseldorf Hauptbahnhof

Dusseldorf, Germany

The staff were so unenthusiastic and looked like they hated working there. The place is so impersonal. At night there were some guys in the hostel lobby harassing us and yelling but the staff didnt care at all. Yet, we had to stay in he lobby because that's the only place you could get free wifi and we needed to contact someone. It was a far walk from he train station and you still had to pay 25 euros to get to the airport from there. Not the best place to stay.

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

I loved that Abigails was right next to Temple Bar. It was a great place to stumble back to! haha. 24 Hour reception is also great for when you arrive via Ferry at 5:30 in the morning or come back from Temple Bar at 3am. All the hostel workers were so nice (and cute!) My only qualms with this place was that there weren't enough keys at times so the receptionist would have to come up and open the door for us. Also the 48 hour cancellation policy cost me $$. But, they have the best showers EVER.


This place was so hard to find. The staff were rude and unwelcoming. We wanted a place to settle down for a couple days but they made us move ONE room over the next day, meaning we had to check out before 10 and keep our things in luggage storage and then check back in at 2. The lockers were loud and ridiculous.. They weren't even lockers. They were like shark cage looking things that were huge and heavy and went under your bed. Vending machines and wifi weren't working. One word: ugh.


Palmers was a nice place but it was really far from everthing!! It would take us 10 min just to walk to the underground and then another 20 min to even get near the city center. The walls are very thin so we were able to hear everyone in the hallways. The beds and showers were nice but breakfast is just croissants and terrible orange juice. We only stayed one night then moved somewhere closers since this is in the middle of nowhere.


We got the 5th floor and there was no elevator, so it was difficult to get up there even without luggage at times. The shower is in the corner of the room and of you're not careful you'll get everything wet. The location is wonderful and it's right by the Montmartre district and Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, but the man who owns the building was a little weird. Breakfast is good but run across the street to buy some cheese before you go!

Hotel Gerando

Paris, France

The elevator is a huge plus! The staff were kind of cut and to the point, and "luggage storage" was the breakfast area. Not very secure, but the room itself was wonderful! Got a double bed and it was very comfortable and we had a huge window that we could open to hear Paris. It's a lovely little hotel. One of the best you can get for that price!

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I stayed on a Friday night and the bar and club were both dead! The check out process is ridiculous. There was a line going out the door! The luggage storage room smelled like vinegar and feces, and EVERY single worker was SO RUDE! Not even in that sarcastic-funny kind of way. They were just straight out rude. My locker was difficult to even open or lock, and the 5 euro deposit is kind of ridiculous. Breakfast was good though, but you have to pay extra if you want juice.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Hi Natasha, Sorry to hear you've experienced some difficulties during your stay at our hotel. We hope you've had a great stay in Amsterdam after all. During high season (especially in weekends) check-out can be really crowded. The 5 euro deposit is for your room key (many guests lose their keys) which you will get back at check-out. Greetings, Hans Brinker

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

The hotel itself excellent! Nothing beats an indoor pool and a ping pong table. The grounds are huge! But the bar is expensive. The hostel rooms are REALLY tiny though with not the best mattress in the world. Security kept some boys away from our room even at 5am! It was just a walk away from the East Side Gallery but pretty far from everything else, but that's why the U and the S Stations are right next to it!


The area was nice and was a close walk to St. Pauli, however it wasn't a very sociable hostel. It was clean and quiet and exactly what we needed after being jet-lagged on a plane for 17 hours, but if you want a party hostel, this isn't it. It was a decent price for a mixed dorm, although we stayed with some Pervy guys in the dorm, so it was probably just bad luck. Overall, it was alright! Also wifi only works in the lounge, which is a real bummer.