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Little Quarter Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

This place is good enough; The main drawback is that it is located in a very steep street so when you are coming back from the city center, you should be ready for mountain climbing The kitchen is small and has just the very minimums......20 minute walk from the city center which is not much

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

The place is in a very steep street so you should be a rock climber ;) But its clean and nice....The kitchen has the minimums and not more...25 minutes walk from the city center good WIFI, Thats all

Woodstock Hostel

Paris, France

I checked in on 20th of June in the morning. There was a woman at the reception desk who was the rudest woman I've ever seen at the receptions. She's asking for my passport as if she's a detective talking to a criminal. I have to admit that I didnt see that woman again during my stay and other guys were nice. Rooms very small; no place to keep or hang your clothes; very crowded and noisy; u r not let in between 11 to 15 for cleaning and yet beds too dirty; Kitchen nice; location just good enough

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Hi we are sorry you missunderstood the fact that reception is asking for passport;but unless you are europeen ( EU id) the law in france oblige us to ask for passport and keep the details of our guests. No exceptions.As for the rest; we agree that the rooms are closed for cleaning for 3 hours daytime and unless a quick pick up we do not let you in the room unless its been already cleaned.Sorry you were not totaly satisfied by the rest; we are making our best to be better each day! Best regards

Mediterranean Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

its a reasonaly nice place. A big kitchen in the basements with everything you need...and a small one in your floor without stove and oven but with a fridge, a microvawe oven and a sink. The only problem with the place is that its a bit crowded and the bathroom and kitchen may be occupied when you need you should wait a bit for them to be free Another problem is the hot water...sometimes the water was noit warm enough in the bathroom and I had to get out soon before it gets colder

Ariana B & B

Rome, Italy

Nice and clean place with nice staff. its in a very good location. all rome sites are within a 30 min walk. its 5 minute walk from the termini station. the only drawback is that its kitchen is a bit small and doesnt have any stove or oven ...and you are not allowed to cook....however you can use the microwave oven, the electric kettle and the coffee maker...

B&B Da Mila

Florence, Italy

Nice place, quiet and calm atmosphere, very nice kitchen with all utensils, awesome staff and good breakfast.... I really enjoyed it and it is worth for the price